God’s Picture

I picked up my hungry crying infant and tried to put him next to my chest. He struggled in frustration. Back and forth his head turned. His fist forcefully going to his mouth. He gets even more frustrated as he doesn’t get anything out of it. His back arching and legs kicking at the air. Tears well up as he is so disappointed that he is not getting what he wants. He struggles. Finally he just feels just a bit of what he needs. Me. My milk. And he settles in. He takes a breath and releases all the struggle. And relaxes. He surrenders to what I have for him. Food that will satisfy.

What a great picture of my relationship with Jesus. I struggle and struggle thinking I know what I need only to become disappointed. And once I surrender, I relax, I chill, I find exactly what I need…

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  1. How wonderful that the Holy Spirit would show you such a beautiful picture, Kristin! We humans are something, aren't we? God tells us what we need and we run around looking for it! Amazing how our little ones are used to teach us! Bless you all! Love, Mom Chadwick XOXO

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