Hunkerin’ Down

February is almost over. One more day. Every year we struggle through it. Despite it’s most known characteristic of the Month of Love (Josh and I know that first hand) it has a very common denominator attached to it in our family- sickness. We have been bombarded with cold/flu/rsv this year. I am amazed at God’s strength in all of this…it is weary. And taxing. And along with the sicknesses, we are trying to help our little guys sleep through the night. Can I just tell you that this is an extremely hard thing to do while they are sick?! Like last night, we had Sawyer downstairs, removed from our room so we could try to get rest but his pathetic hoarse stuffy voice eventually got me out of bed and I slept on the couch with him. It is so hard to know how or what to do. On the one hand, he is so spoiled with just eating every couple of hours (I know he doesn’t really need it)…so I want to let him cry it out cause I need sleep and he needs sleep for our sanity. The other part of it is this, every child needs to be comforted by their parent/usually mom when they are sick. I feel I would be pretty heartless if I didn’t pick him up while he is hacking/snorting/coughing and having trouble sleeping.

For example, this was my night last night (my pity party):

11:00 Got home from a much needed girls night out despite not feeling too good
12:15 Sawyer wakes up, we try paci
12:37 I nurse Sawyer and feel like poo.
12:57 Emerson wakes up, Josh goes and makes a bottle
2:15 Emerson wakes up again I try rocking him and he finally falls back asleep in my arms in bed and I can’t sleep because I am so stuffy
2:30 Sawyer wakes up, Josh puts him downstairs to cry it out
3:15 I can’t take hearing him cry so pathetically and I go downstairs to soothe him, nurse him and we fall asleep on the couch
5:00 Sawyer wakes up wanting to nurse again
7:00 Copey comes downstairs cheerful and ready to eat breakfast

All this to say, I am sick of us all being sick. It is hard enough to function with one non-sleeping well infant. But with two non-sleeping well infants + them being sick + Mom and Dad being sick is a lot to take in. So I think I am going to step my game up as a mom the next couple of weeks and just hunker down. No big outings interrupting nap schedules, no childwatch’s to get sick (other than Copey’s preschool), and just good ol’ cabin fever to just get us into a solid routine.

Wish me luck! And say some prayers whenever you think about it cause I think I may go coo-coo. But I may go even more coo-coo if I don’t get to sleep.

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  1. Wow—hearing your last night's schedule makes ME want a nap. What a rough season for you guys. Yet I love that despite your sleep deprived-ness and exhaustion you have the will to \”hunker down.\”God's power is truly being perfected in your weakness. I know He is going to use the challenges of this time to bless someone else in the future…perhaps even many!You have understanding. You have empathy. You're making it through something really tough. And you will be able to help someone else navigate through the same thing! Sending prayers your way as you settle into your cabin! 😉

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