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It has been just about one week since I decided to take a hiatus from my well loved passion, MOPS. No, not the thing you push around on the floor hoping to get the floors clean. But MOPS…the greatest organization for moms all over the world. I do have to say the MOPS I attend(ed) is the greatest one ever. Apparently, to those who have been to other MOPS, it is the MOPS on crack. ha.
Since Copeland was just a wee little one (I think 10 months or so), I have gotten up Thursday mornings with an excited attitude that I get to have uninterrupted adult conversation for the next few hours. MOPS has been such a huge part of my life for most of my motherhood. After a year of experiencing MOPS, I joined the ministry team because I got to hang out even more with women who were in the same boat, or just passed that bridge of potty training, poop changing, throw up cleanin’, etc. And we always had a good time. Somehow, we talked about sex,too, quite a bit, which always made it fun. ha. For a good part of the last four years, my Tuesdays and Thursdays have been MOPS. So, this week as I am taking on this mothering of four deal with gusto and have put on hold my passion for MOPS for the rest of this season I am faced with a little identity crisis. Who am I? I was so much MOPS! My world outside of my home was basically for MOPS. Wow. I feel for moms who feel stuck inside and feel like their world is so narrow. Although MOPS felt a little like a part time job, I can’t imagine switching from a full time career to being a stay at home mom. What an identity switch! I don’t really have anything whopping to say other than these feelings. But I just pray my mind stays focused on my identity in my Creator. He is captivated by me. Even in my messy hair, workout pants wearin’, no makeup, glasses state…in fact, I picture Him most captivated when I am the most selfless. I must sit with that.

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  1. I understand where you are sweetie. I remember when summer came and MOPS took a break, and then I dealt with the blues, missing my lady friends. Maybe when things get a little better, you can plan some days at the park with your MOPS buddies. That always helped to get through the stretch. I'm praying for you everyday, honey. Love you all soooooooo! Mom C.

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