They Started It…

Our grandparents and generations before were doing “green” way before anyone knew what green was.

My grandmother’s fridge was piled with plastic containers that formerly held the product it stated and now donned leftovers. I also remember her in her various aprons. Aprons doing the work of protecting her beautiful clothes from really getting dirty and needing to wash them often. Heck, just tie up that apron and use it hundreds of times before having to wash it. And how about handkerchiefs…my grandpa would take out his little linen and blow his honker-ness right into it. It sounds kind of gross but really it’s genius. Instead of using up a million kleenex, just use one handkerchief, and then wash it. It’s like a cloth diaper of sorts.

And another “green” thing that isn’t original…

Previous generations ate organic without it being labeled “organic.” The food has modified so much that now we have a label for the food that was the original product. We pay top dollars for food grown on a farm using natural ingredients.

This whole “Green Campaign” is a little humorous when you think about it. I am sure if our grandparents parents were still living they would just shake their heads at us. And in our modern day profound grammar, say, “Duh!”

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  1. good points chica. now i just gotta get me a cute apron. 🙂

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