I am Becoming…

I am becoming…

Sleep deprived.
More dependant on coffee than ever.
An expert at multi-tasking.
Unable to do just one thing at a time.
Master of diaper changing and multiple feedings.
More proud each time I hear a stranger say, “My! You have your hands full.”
A Lexapro Billboard.
Stretched like a rubber band ready to snap at any moment.
Less obsessed with facebook.
More cognizant of my weaknesses and His Strengths.
Stronger than I ever thought I could be.
Aware of the power of community.
My children’s advocate.
More assertive.
More aware of what is happening in the world.
More unapologetic for my faith.
Lenient on my physical self.
Less social and more family focused.
More and more okay with the idea of homeschool.
More and more okay with the idea of five-day-a-week school.
A seasoned mother.
More feminine.
Less of a worry wart over how dirty my house gets each day. Sort of.
Anxious for later years with all my children and watching their friendships grow.
Humbled that I continually have to ask for help.
More excited to help others the way they have helped us.
Like my mother as she and I love to giggle…I love to giggle with my daughter.
Aware of what a great teammate I have in this life.
KK, Kris, Mama, Mommy, Babe.
Worried I am losing my sense of who I am.
Mini-van mom while dragging my feet, still.
A daughter of the King.
Molded in the Potter’s hands.
Not my will, but Yours be done.

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  1. I simultaneously nursed a baby, made dinner, put on kid's shoes and discussed homework tonight. I only slightly wanted to scream….mostly after hearing \”mommy\” ten million times in a row….(which I have to love too.) I love your list and wish I could say the same for myself on a bunch.

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