The Hardest Thing (I think)…

People often stop me in grocery stores, or preschool, or wherever and ask me, “How do you do it?” And sometimes it’s even with only two of the four kiddos. Ha. Well, like I have said in the past, many things flash through my brain but thankfully never end up coming out of my mouth. Some people actually imply that I have such a blessing, as opposed to, such a burden of four children. I am currently under construction with the whole thinking/knowing/feeling the blessing of them all. I will say the hardest thing is dealing with the needs of five other people, not including myself. That is the hardest moments of my day. When Child 1 wants me to do something like get her dress down from the closet…Child 2 is hungry and thirsty and attempting to pull out every cup we have and pour himself some juice and cereal. Child 3 and 4 sitting in their high chairs waiting, waiting, waiting for their meal to arrive. And on top of that being so hungry myself and my hubby has a question that could have been answered on his own. (sorry babe, just being real here.) It gets old. It gets stressful. It gets tense. And I love that all these things are real everyday needs. No big stressors. However, its like a 1-2 punch from the very get-go in the morning. I know this is life. And I know I will look back one day and say, “Oh, those sweet moments.” But wow. I have never been stretched to be so unselfish, so giving, so sacrificial.

Anyway, that’s where I am at today. Happy Sunday.

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