Operation Estes Park…FAIL. (sort of)

We packed for what seemed like an eternity Thursday through Friday. I guess my hopes and dreams for this trip were misled. I thought, “Oh what sweet time in the mountains with just our little family and some great friends.” Little did I know that our great start including a fun stop in Boulder at a cool playground would quickly turn into a nightmare of no sleep. Oh the joys of having such sleep trained children. Basically, our trip was revolved around sleeping. I forgot that Ryker could climb out of a pack-n-play and has a giant self-will that is hard to reign in sometimes. Battling the Ry-man all night to sleep was hard on this mama. And most of Saturday was a result of no sleep Friday. However, it was beautiful. It was memorable. And my main goal was to make a memory in Copeland’s heart, and we successfully did just that. Tears in her eyes as we drove back home, she kept telling us, “I want to go back EVERY Saturday.” Thank goodness for sweet friends who helped us out Saturday night and really nailed in the “Fall Festivities.” All in all, I am glad we did it, but I have learned maybe not for a few more years will it be as fun for everyone. Side note: I guess I look back at our family trips to the beach, New Jersey, wherever road trippin’…and even though I remember someone getting sick or going ot the ER wherever we went, it never ruined my idea of it being fun. I have nothing but great memories.

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