The Grand Finale Detox

Today I am starting up on my final com-BAM! detox. It is called RepairVite, in case you are interested. It is used for people who experience Leaky Gut issues, which start from celiac, IBS, etc. Basically, I get to eat vegetables, fruit, and meat…no rice, beans, nuts, sugar (which is my saving grace normally). I have too thoughts heading into this today: I will have little issues with this since the majority of my life is revolved around what I can and cannot eat. I have learned to say no to foods I couldn’t have resisted before. On the other hand, I will miss my sugar, my rice, my beans. In the end, as it heals the lining of my gut, I will be so much better off. I am hopeful it will heal my rashes that occur when I have gluten. When you have leaky gut, when you eat foods it falls through the stomach lining and into the blood stream causing all sorts of fun reactions. My theory is the gluten getting through to my blood stream and then my inflammatory response kicks in and I form my blistering rash. So, Cheers to You while I drink my green tea this morning without agave or honey! PS…if I seem grumpy in the next couple days, I apologize.

2 responses to “The Grand Finale Detox”

  1. Kristin! So thinking you this morning! And praying that this works for you.

  2. now I'm really intrigued! Repairvite is what I'm supposed to do also, but I just couldn't do it in good faith, or well, trusting that it would actually repair anything. I'm so impressed Kristin! good luck! Maybe I should talk to Kelly after all…

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