From the Heart I Ponder These Things

From the heart I ponder these things Your little hands so tiny grasping my hand Years later they reach out and thrust your anger towards me It’s within those hands I see such love Such a cry for an answer, “Will you love me…even when I am ugly?” My reaction screams SURRENDER and ANGER My soul struggles along with you Gritting teeth Yelling impatiently Sins arise, both sides Take away the layers, the hurt, the masculine toughness A little boy soul waits to hear, “Do you still love me?” Oh, child of mine, you have increased my reliance on Him who made you and me. Perspective eternally. Tangible cross. To answer your sweet soul in the midst of your uncontrolled fits, “Yes, I love you.” Please know, Little Man, your hands can hurt or they can love. I pray you see the Hands of Your Maker. They were strong yet gentle. They were masculine yet showed mercy. Grasp His bleeding grace filled hands and see he loves you even in your ugliness. In my ugliness. Surrender your heart to the one who makes it whole. Use those strong hands to love. To stand up for Him. To pray for the weak at heart. Oh, I have faith, Little Buddy, He’s got mighty plans for you…just see. His Love has covered you completely. I love you my little man. To the stars. To the moon.

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