On the Outside Looking In…

Your words are careless…like so many of mine, most of the time. You speak the obvious. You see the obvious. But you don’t know. You don’t understand. Even at the lowest point of losing all sense of control…I have peace. It looks chaotic, overwhelming, amazingly hard. That is because it is. But inside this heart of mine, I have a vision. He stands within me. Even when tears leak and emotions spew forth. He stands. Look upon my life for a moment. The stinky child, the wild runner, the non-listener, the “I put everything in the doctor’s office in my mouth”. Yes, it is hard. I don’t need you to tell me. For my eyes will be shifted to your perspective. I want to keep my eyes on Him. Not you. Him.

One response to “On the Outside Looking In…”

  1. In Him is there the only peace that exists. We cannot get it from the world. As long as our eyes are on Him, then in Him, all things are made new and right, and He brings all things together for good. And His hand stays on you and your precious family! It's the only place we should desire to be! Keep your eyes on Him, girl! Love you soooo!

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