A Mighty Rushing Wind

Josh was fired. I never thought I would hear those words, as my husband is the hardest worker I have ever known. A dedicated man. But there in that sentence lied freedom. Who knew that within that moment of hearing those words, a burden was lifted. Losing a job, a burden lifted? Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Through many trials, our faith has been challenged- left to see what was true in our heart of hearts. The main theme in our lives has been, “Do you trust Me? Do you really know I am Provider?” Since Josh and I have been married we have dealt with some pretty good issues with finances. Thankfully, no debt, but we have always struggled. For some, this may be an uncomfortable subject, like talking about politics. But it is a huge part of life. Money. We all struggle to find balance. We were the typical young married couple struggling to make ends meet. Then, the years became harder. Despite our Dave Ramsey attempts. The money dwindled each month closer to the beginning of the month. Yet, His providing got bigger and bigger. Long story short, it has been a hard year even with the finances we were given. And here we were just told, “Sorry, no more reliable paycheck.” And we welcome it. I admit to a few tantrums of my own, but God softened my husband’s heart. He revealed His Grace in my husband. A childlike faith in him. And so we stand together, each day, each morning laying it at His feet. Not our will but yours.

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