The Journey to…Wait.

You know the great history of the Israelites escaping the wrath of the Pharoah? The leave this land of slavery, of constant belittling, no rights to a place unknown. Just following a guy named Moses, who claims he and God are chums. That God actually speaks to them.  I try to think of a modern day example of this and it makes me laugh. In our modern culture of “all is okay!” and “whatever path you take is the right way,” it is hard to imagine this scenario without thinking these people were cultish following some crazy guy who talks with God. But they did. They were brave and left. They took a leap of faith and left. And what is fascinating is God took them the long way to the Red Sea. He knew the Israelites would get discouraged and turn around once they encountered their first war right after leaving Egypt. So, God took them around the long way…all the while the Egyptians pissed off that they had fled from slavery.  But BAM! There was the Red Sea. Um, ok, Moses? God? “Why did you lead us to a place where we cannot do anything…there is a body of water before us.” What were they to do?

So this is where Josh and I have felt we have stood for many months. In between an army of raging domineering problems and a journey of, “Ok, now what?” This historical story has hit home as I have studied it the past few weeks. What did the Israelites do as they waited? I am sure they questioned Moses non-stop. I am sure some ran and hid in fear. I am sure some fled and left this seemingly foolish idea of escaping. I am sure a lot of them were wondering, “Why did we leave slavery for this? To drown? To be killed by the revengeful Egyptians?” And oh, as a mother, I am sure she clung to her kids ready to fight as hard as she could to save her children from this evil. But I wonder who stayed their ground. Whose faith stood patient. The water before them looked promising. There was hope in the water. Whose hearts quietly waited? Where would you stand? Would you start to question whether leaving was a right choice? Or would you steady yourself knowing God is faithful. He will come through.

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