Goodnight Moon (A Tribute)

Goodnight Moon (A Tribute)
In the great tan room
There was an old cell phone
And a half inflated basketball
And a picture of three boys jumping to the moon
And there were three little boys not staying in their beds
And two shredded books
And a pair of monkeys made of socks
And a clothes pile
And a bucket full of blocks
And camelbaks and diapers and a mysterious bowl full of…well, mush. 
And a super tired mommy who was yelling, “hush!”
Goodnight room
Goodnight phone

Goodnight to my boys jumping to the moon
Goodnight boys
Goodnight sock monkeys
Goodnight clothes pile
Goodnight blocks
Goodnight camelbaks
Goodnight diapers
Goodnight mush
And goodnight to the mama who whispers, “Hussshhhhhh….” 

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