Tomorrow he was supposed to go back to school. My little man. But he won’t be returning to his little preschool this season. Not that they did anything wrong. But I chose to listen to that whisper that kept reappearing no matter how many times I would push it away. Have you ever had a thing where He whispered over and over to you and you thought, I think you meant that for someone else, God? Don’t you know me, God? I challenge the “stay-at-home” role as it is! I struggle against being “that” mom who gets lost in her children and then ponders after they leave, “Uh…who am I?” I have serious issues with this due to my childhood…but that’s another blog. My point is…that I listened. And I acted. I moved. Despite my weird insecurities, my knowledge of myself who is spacey and hard to pin down to do anything organized for more than three days, I am chosing to follow Him in this adventure of homeschooling my boys. So, here we go…and I feel more at peace than ever being here. Being mommy.

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  1. Yes, I totally identify with this. I too felt God's whisper the same thing. This is my second year homeschooling. I still don't consider myself the \”homeschool\” type. But I do consider myself the obedient-to-her-Father type, so if He wants me to do it, I say \”yes\”. I have wonderful days with it and challenging days, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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