His Mercies are New

Finally, the sun’s warmth melts away the snow. Today’s beginning was new. The morning seemed more open to opportunities. The cloud of desperation, lifted. How symbolic the weather today! As my daughter sat perched up on our porch singing, “Hallelujah! The sun is out. The day is sooooo beautiful.” My heart sang with joy, too. I always find it ironic that when we have the lowest of lows moments, God connects us with the simplest joys. Though my heart is still tender. I have joy. One of the biggest things to help me see hope yesterday and today…people. The people who know my heart, who know our difficult life situation who reached out. Who prayed. ┬áThank you. Thank you for the comments, the emails, the phone calls with long time friends. The encouragement of my family (especially my mom and dad.) ┬áMost of all, I thank my sweet sister, Brea. and Drew, for listening to His call yesterday…I don’t even think she was aware of yesterday’s sorrows…but she came. And her man came. They came together with peace and joy and light heartedness. And the precious love of young love, which knows not the challenges of life in full bloom yet but are strong and ready. I appreciate her. Both of them. Their real hearts. Their passion. Their love and profound seeking after Him.

I think what I take out of this is that, whether we realize it or not, we are a character in someone else’s story. Maybe it’s a one-liner or maybe it’s an earth shattering chapter. But WE have a role. We are made to LOVE. The world does not revolve around me. But others! I forget this daily. HOURLY. So often I say, “What am I getting out of this?” When the real question is, “Why am I here for this person? This study? This training? What can I do for THIS person?” Oh, so convicted. Yet, humbled.

I appreciate you all that said they like my raw-ness. I feel there is far too much fake-ness and surface level-ness in our world. And by being real, I only hope it makes you see I am only me who is in Christ. That is it. I am so glad there is hope. So glad that when I am down and out, it is Him, through Him and through His Love that I am drawn out of my sorrows and onto the mountain top of hope.

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