This question has hit me in my mind, heart, and soul lately…what is my agenda? I have lived so much of my life on a selfish level, it’s just plain stinky. I can honestly look back at my personal training days and see where my agenda was how can I get more clients or how can I benefit from this new system. Not just in my professional world did I warp everything to come back to me, but I have opened my eyes to so many times I asked people how they were doing and it wasn’t out of the real reason of wanting to know.  I know there were plenty of times of genuine concern, I am not that awful. But I am honest with myself, now. There were a lot of times I just needed something. My hidden agenda was ME. And don’t even get me started on highschool days…geezle peezle.

The reason I think this question of “what is my agenda” has dominated my thoughts is I am really starting to study who Jesus was/is. I have been diving into the Book of Luke and reading and watching for what was so magnetically drawing to Him. How is it that one man could make so many people just up and leave the life they lived to follow him? And what was it that drew hundreds of thousands of sick people to him? His agenda. He had none but to LOVE. That’s it. He didn’t say you have to do this or that so I can love you. Or you need to change your lifestyle so you can walk with me. It was simply love. WHAT?! Love unconditional. No matter what you looked like or did.

Now here is where it is rocking me: where in my life, if I am a follower of Jesus, do I show this? PANG, into the depths of my soul. Who am I loving the way Jesus loved? Unconditionally. No fear. No holding back. In fact,  Jesus tells us to give to the beggar on the side of the road and NOT question where the money is going. In fact, he tells us to give the man the clothes off your back.  Well, that is just a little extreme, don’t you think? No, not in Jesus’ eyes. Agenda: NONE but L.O.V.E. Oh man, it is just so intense! How I long to have the agenda of just PURE LOVE. Make it so, Jesus. Make it so.

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