What Can You Do With Oils?

I am a few days into my essential oils experience with DoTerra and I have to say I think I am already obsessed. And so are my kids. They came to me asking for more oils. I think that is a good sign!

Update about my friends on my lips: I am still fighting my horrendous fever blisters but I haven’t been as diligent with  the oils as I was on the first/second day. Also I have had lots of sugar/coffee, too, which doesn’t help my body fight off inflammation/infections. I do have to say though that a few days ago I noticed my lymph nodes under my chin were gigantic like I had swallowed a marble. I have been obsessive with the OnGuard blend oil that helps fight off everything and today that lymph node is not swollen at all! Amazing!

I love trying new things lately that have to do with homemade. I do not know where this “Suzy Homemaker” emerged from, but I will take it. I have made six rice pillows to put the oils on at night for my kids and for one other special person in my life. These are super easy to make. And such a sweet comfort when going to sleep to have a warm pillow that smells yummy. I have put the vetiver oil on Ryker’s, and on the boys, lavender.  Here is Copeland’s rice pillow I just finished this morning. I made it out of an old dish towel that I loved the pattern, but it was getting shape warped.

Another thing I have tried is making a lotion bar. My favorite website for all around healthy family living is http://www.wellnessmama.com. She is turbo amazing. Don’t know how she does all that she does, but I applaud her. Anyway, she has a recipe for a lotion bar that I tried and I put a grapefruit oil in it. Super easy. Super awesome. Super convenient. Super silky. Super fun gift! You can check her’s out at http://wellnessmama.com/4770/how-to-make-lotion-bars/

Another thing I tried is putting the Lemon oil in food. Last night I was cookin’ up some yummy tilapia and needed some lemon. And DING! I have lemon oil safe for consumption…so I put a couple drops in the baking dish. It was super yummo!

Ok that is it for today! Happy Wednesday Yall!

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