Raising Our Support…

Raising our support, one rice pillow at a time.

Thanks so much to the many people who have already asked to buy a rice pillow and lotion bars!

My husband and I both struggle in this whole asking for support for his ministry. The other night we were talking about how we need to do something to get our ministry funding going. We are extremely thankful for those that have already donated and support us through prayer each month.  I am not one to send out a monthly letter in the mail. However, I suddenly had an amazing idea from my right hand dude, the Holy Spirit…in a gentle and peaceful way…”sell your new rice pillows and lotion bars for his ministry.” Instead of drudgery, I feel excited! I am so passionate about healthy stuff and supporting others in this area, too. What a way to bless others and especially my husband as he does this amazing work to spread the love of Jesus to these amazing teenagers.

I love the fact that my kids love making the pillows with me. I, however, try not to lose patience as little fingers go this way and that as the sewing machine runs. But I adore that they are involved. They love picking the colors together and pouring the rice in each bag. What a cool experience! Thank you guys!!!

Here is a link to his school…

And if you feel led to donate or if you would like to buy a rice pillow or a delightful shea butter lotion bar, please email me at kfchadwick@comcast.net and let me know how many of each you would like and leave me your address.  You can then click the link to donate below and donate what you feel led. Please do the minimum of $10/pillow and $8/bar plus shipping if you are out of town.
Humbly, I am putting the need out there just in case anyone feels led (I encourage you to pray first…) but we are need of 10 donors to commit monthly at $100/month. Here is the link to donate for the pillows/bars or if you want to be apart of our team in supporting us. And be sure to type in Josh Chadwick for the person to sponsor. We thank you ahead of time!

Also…this summer my husband will have off.  He is super crafty and handy and an amazing craftsmen. In fact, he built our master bed for us for our wedding gift. It is gorgeous. He has built coffee tables, dining room tables, desks, wall art…So if you need any furniture built, let us know! He would love to make you something! Here are some examples of his masterful work:

Again we are so blessed to put this out there and for all the people who have already responded. I am just blown away and excited to see what God does. Thank you all. 

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