Your Voice Matters

Well, then my brothers, whenever you meet let EVERYONE be ready to contribute a psalm, a piece of teaching, a spiritual truth, or a “tongue” with an interpreter. Everything should be done to make your church strong in the faith. – 1 Cor 14:26

I have had a long history of the infamous “Quiet Time.” (I don’t say that to be cocky.) I became a Believer in Jesus when I was in 7th grade at a Billy Graham Crucade. After receiving my pamphlet on how to have quiet times, I was all in. For many years, I loved journaling what I found and tried to apply it to my own story. Can you relate? Maybe you have only been bible reading for a year or maybe you have put it down because it is so hard to find the right space and time. Or maybe you are one tired Mama who can’t seem to get a thought fully developed before a little one needs you. I see you.

This line in a letter to Corinthians may have slapped me in my 38 year old face when I heard my dear friend/pastor read it on Sunday. He was challenging us in our Sunday morning Presbyterian meet up to really ask if we do what this verse encourages us to do. Do we read and pray and ask Jesus throughout the week what He wants to share with the church body? I sat there stunned. Even in the moment of this Sunday school class, a young man asked, “But is this really possible today?”

Is it possible to have a church meeting where everyone brings what the Spirit has laid on their heart for the week? What a different perspective than what our church culture has set up.

BUT EVEN More than the church set up conversations… my own thoughts were challenged. I did not even realize I was under a religious impression- I believed, maybe unconsciously, that my time with Jesus was just for me. And the pastor is the One who shares on Sunday. Yes, in turn, I could pour out to others in some capacity. But this was a new revelation…

What if we encountered Jesus each morning to in turn, be the light in the world? For me, I have heard most of my life that our time with Jesus should be for us. But what if that was only partially true? What if the whole point was to share and giveaway? I picture the multiplying of bread. Yes, we get to eat our portion but our soul purpose is to turn around and “make your church strong in the faith.” Anyone else see this slight difference? If by the end of our time with Him, we have not experienced Him or heard His heart for others as well, are we doing the body of Christ a disservice? The body of Christ is big and diverse and everyone brings something to the table- the pastor, the teacher, the business man/woman, the mom, the teenager, the children. All bringing something.

I’d love for you to share what He has put on your heart this week…post a comment below! Bless others by the wisdom, the love, the perspective you have received this week. And Mama With the Little Babes, you have something to bring. Each of us has a voice. You are seen and you have value in the kingdom. Maybe it’s a worship song you cherish! Bring it on! I will post my go-to worship song I cannot help but picture a Gentle Father reaching for my hand.

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