The Painted Mines- Colorado

Our deepest fears, lies, wounds are rising to the surface.

The places we can normally ignore through the busy, non-stop schedule are becoming louder as our world’s become quieter.  

There are deep wounds which need more healing, more tending. 

When we are quietest, we hear the whispering of our souls crying out for Truth. 

Lord, meet us in our weakest, most vulnerable spots.

Reveal our True strength.

Reveal our Foundation.

Shaking all that is shakeable.

Uncovering the scaffolding, the Rock on which we build our lives.  



Deconstructing all that was not stable. 

The world is undone.

But it has never seemed more real.


But Glory remains.



Jesus remains enthroned, ready to hold and exchange the wounded heart for fully living breathing abundant life.

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