Communion: Come Into Union

Communion has always been such a mystery to me.  It has really dumbfounded me. So, I asked the Lord for understanding and He answered in such a huge way.  Growing up a Christian, I have taken communion and tried my hardest to step into the sacredness of it and repent. I would take the bread and take the wine and really enter into this sacred space.  I really tried my best. But underneath, I knew I didn’t get it.  How strange for a person to say “Take and Eat this bread and think of it as my body.”

I was finally brave enough to pray and ask Jesus about it. Jesus is slowly uncovering the beauty of this ritual to me.  He led me to John 6:55 in the Amplified Bible. It reads, “For my flesh is true (spiritual) food, and My blood is true (spiritual) drink.”  Maybe you already knew this but for me, this was such a light bulb moment.  When I partake in the ingesting, receiving, digesting His truths, His love I am made new.  I am being sanctified into more of who He has created me to be- more like Him.  

Through reading these Scriptures and talking to Jesus on my walks, He led me to the Encounter- Communion- Come Into Union. The Encounter is now a deep part of my heart which the Lord walked me through. I encourage you to be open to where the Holy Spirit wants to highlight. When I walked through this Encounter with Jesus, there were some incredible moments of tenderness which I didn’t realize were even areas I held back. As I ate the bread, fears and shame were revealed where I am most guarded…yet, I let Him enter into that space for more healing. I long to be free from the place of shame over the autoimmune disease which continues to hurt me; but I know, in the Spirit, He is making ALL THINGS NEW. When I look to the Cross on Friday evening, I will picture my Jesus taking on the battle of the autoimmune disease and I will choose to remember the battle is not mine. But His. And “It is Finished.” What do you bring to the Cross this Friday night? Nothing is too big or too shameful. Allow Him to meet you in those places. “For the Joy set before Him…He gives us Spiritual Food!” (Paraphrasing Hebrews 12:2 and John 6:55).

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