Creativity- Unwrapping the Gift of You During This Season

This week on Wholistic Hearts Podcast I have talked about the importance on being creative during this unique season. With the variety of emotions which can range from panic and fear to joy and relief over not having a stifling end-of-the-year schedule, creativity pulls us into a safe space. With creativity, we are joining in on God’s craftsmanship of our lives. One special way we can both create and be a gift to others is through an activity we call Listening Prayer.

I want to share this creative tool of Listening Prayer with you because it can be an amazing tool to encourage you and your kids to trust His leading voice. Our family has done this activity together several times over the last few years and each time it expands our hearts and faith. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice,” and in the purity of a child’s heart, it feels so tangible. It is always such a gift when we make time and create space for listening to His voice and listening on behalf of others.

Listening Prayer Activity With Children

  1. To set the tone for this activity, we put on instrumental music like Bethel’s Without Words like this below.

2. Put out paper, glue, scissors, crayons, magazines for clipping, paint, etc. Whatever your kids and you like to be creative with, use it!

3. Invite your kids to think of a person in their heart. Once they picture this person in their heart, ask Jesus to speak to you or your child’s heart about this person.

4. Ask Holy Spirit for specific words for this specific person which they may need to hear. It may be a picture or it may be a whole movie like scene running in their/your mind. It may be song or a quote. It may be a verse.

5. Take a card or blank picture and draw the picture or word on a card. Mail it to them! Or maybe send them a text or take a picture of what they drew and send it to the person.

An example: A few years ago, my son Ryker told me he felt like God put it on his heart to send my mom a bouqet of flowers. This was completely out of the blue but since we were practicing listening to the voice of God, I immediately got on a flower delivery website and had him write the card. My mom STILL holds this note from him and the whole scenario as one of many times God has winked at her. (She ADORES flowers.) Ryker’s note still sits upon her fridge to this day.

Ryker’s Heart Enlarging in Real Time

I can only imagine the smile the person who receives this gift from you or your child.

When you teach your child to discern the kindness of God’s voice, they will be more attune as they get older. Not only does it strengthen their faith but it also is a gift to the person receiving it to know the God of the universe cares for them immensely.

Be brave today and become a gift to someone and listen to what God has to say about them and share. I’d love to hear your stories!

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