Spirit Empowered Coaching


Why Me?

Great Question…

As a content creator for a top family and marriage podcast over the past five years I have read hundreds of books on self-help, parenting, marriage, and faith.  Not only drawing from the well of wisdom I have read in these books, I bring more importantly the implementation in my own life and journey in my walk with Jesus. I continue to continually educate my coaching through certifications and other continuing education opportunities including becoming certified through Bethel Coaching/International Coaching Foundation in the year 2021.  I personally have worked with multiple therapists, gone through my own counseling and invested in my own intensive coaching work. I will bring you encouragement, inspiration, and tangible ways to live in an empowered way to enjoy life to the fullest.

I invest in my clients’ lives through consistent accountability, empowering goals as our vision, and through Holy Spirit led discernment.  I will only take a handful of clients, so I can be attentive to my people. Each session you will walk away with your own steps to implement in between us meeting.  Investing in my coaching will leave you with living a more intentional, empowered life whether you are wanting to take your faith journey deeper, feel stuck in your life as a mom, or are looking to accomplish your health goals.  

“My only regret is not doing it sooner, she takes the time to really listen to everything you say, digs deeper into many emotional habits or hurdles and creates a plan special for you. I loved that I was able to work on many aspects of my life all at once – physical, spiritual, mental….and was able to focus on finding my identity in Christ.”
Holistic Coaching Client

Our lives are so intriquelly woven together. We are not just a spirit. We are not just a body. We are not just the sum product of our minds. We are the collective story of our mind, body, and spirit. Through holistic life coaching, I will champion you to achieve your personal goals by consistently holding you accountability to your life goals- whether the main focus is fitness, healing, boundaries, or living with more joy.  Your life is a product of all of these beautiful areas.  At the end of our time together, you will feel you have accomplished your goals, as well as become more attune with your whole heart.  

grey kingdom identity

In order to know who we are called to be in this beautiful world, we have to know the God who created you. Once you know who created you, you can discover He wants and longs for you to know your Kingdom Identity.  At the end of our time together, you will be able to stand with confidence in your identity, mission, and purpose. You will see and walk out your life with great intention and purpose and fulfillment.  

Maybe you have stepped away from the church, or maybe you are not sure what you believe anymore. Maybe you are devoted to your quiet times but you are longing for more. Through Holy Spirit led coaching, I believe you ARE made for more intimacy with the Trinity. By using different spiritual formation and tools such as Encounters or using your imagination or journaling, you will walk away with a fresh filling of God in your life. Jesus came to give us life abundantly, are you ready to experience Jesus himself in your everyday life? 

Want to hear more about Spirit Led Coaching? Check out my podcast episode called “What is Spirit Led Coaching?” 


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