Surprise to the ATL

Today is day five in Atlanta…my mom surprised me with a trip back home last week. Copey and I left Sunday morning at the butt crack of dawn. She did amazing on the plane. And she made friends with really sweet Antionio Bandarez looking family. One of the girls gave Copeland a cool ball to take home. Isn’t it amazing how other cultures love the idea of family and kids? I would not expect that behavior from a family from here. We are too cautious, too protective, too safe.

Anyway, once we landed on the plane, we hit the ground runnin’. I feel like I have to stop to take a breath here. The transition from Colorado to Georgia wears me out. I am tired by lunch time. Amidst the whirlwind of culture relevancy, Copeland and I have enjoyed family, friends, and the up-to-date fashion. 🙂 I always feel so not-hip when I am in Atlanta. But I love seeing all the new trends, as well.

The family time has been a breath of fresh air from my everyday boredom. There is something about being a mom and having your family around you to carry the load. And watching Copeland with her cousins makes my heart so warm. Yesterday, we had an adventure to go see Santa. Afterwards, we have decided to nickname Copeland, “Hurrican Copeland”…along with her cousin, Jackson- “Tornado Jackson”. They are two of a kind. I think Ansley is along those lines too. Very unique and fun and wild. I need to figure a nickname for her, too.

One of the things I needed most was some “Kristin” time. Some of my most favorite moments have been with my precious and dear best friend, Quinn. Being with her just reminds me to take life with a smile- that laughter is healing- that best friends like her will always stay close to your heart. Thanks Quinny, for all the laughs and talks this week.

Well, it’s 9:15 and Copeland is sacked out after a night with the Luker family. I love how Ansley and Megan cover her with hugs and kisses. Mom is sitting on the couch watching a choir reality show. And I am stuffed from eating too much of Mom’s Christmas goodies. This week has been so nice. However, I do miss my sweet and hard working husband, Josh, so much. This week has made me see how much love we have for each other and how we are one. I love you so much, Joshua!

Goodnight my friends, family, and whoever else decides to read this.

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