I am reading a book called, “Surrender to Love” by David Benner. It was given to me by my mom for my birthday. It is similar in depth to C.S. Lewis in my opinion. When you read their books, you could read one or two sentences at a time and meditate all day long on just that one thought. For me this morning, this is the sentence that caught my eye:

“Surrender involves relaxing, and you must feel safe before you can relax.”

It’s simple. Truth. I was stirred immediately as I read that. Do you ever read something that strokes an emotional chord with you? It touches something that even though you may not know why, you felt it. It’s like your brain has something hidden that in order to understand why it resonates with you- you have to work for it. So interesting.

When I think of surrendering I think of Copey playing in our yard with a stick and using her imagination to be apart of some separate world. She is safe within her imagination. And I am there to make her safe. To ensure that she feels safe to surrender fully to who she is. What a comparison to my Heavenly Father. He is there waiting for us to surrender. To relax, to feel safe. To know we are watched over and loved. How freeing.

There is much of my life that I do not surrender. I don’t feel safe. But I guess I will blurt it out to the world via blog. Ha. But I long for the day where I BELIEVE in the safety and relax enough to surrender. I remember as a preteen taking a walk on some rocks that went out into the ocean. The waves splashed against each rock with fierce ambitions to spread its water. I listened to a song on my cool WALKMAN that said, “So I’ll stand with my face to the wind, to the face that I’ve known and STAND.” I envisioned my arms open as far as they could go fully surrending to the powerful love of Him. Sweet surrender.

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