Organic Couponing

Most of my friends and I are pretty healthy eaters…gluten free chums, organic conscious buyers, earth friendly caretakers, and seekers of saving money. So, how do you coupon on organics/more natural food? Well, here is some ideas to try:

1. Most fruits/veggies are not owned by brand, so you can save money by buying them in season. If you have a natural grocery store that you love, go to their website and most of them either have coupons or their weekly ad.
2. If you go to the farmers market, go towards the end of the day because the farmers are more willing to make good deals.
3. If you and your friends make a joint effort, you could go in on a crop share at a local farm.
4. Check out Mamboo Sprouts online…they have a list of e-coupons or reg. coupons you can print out.
5. Email the company or “like” them on Facebook, if they are owned by a brand (ex: Driscoll’s berries)…lots of times they will send you coupons once you start communicating with them.
6. In our King Soopers, there is a “Health Living” magazine just before you walk into the produce section. In that magazine are LOTS of coupons. Some examples of coupons in there this past month were Bob’s Red Mill B1G1 and Voskos greek yogurt (which I bought 10 at Sunflower Market and paid nothing because they were on sale for a dollar).

Hope this helps you in your organic couponing…and let me know if you have any tricks, too!

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