Feeling a Nudge

What would I do without my phone? Without my computer? Without technology to keep me going through the day? That is so sad that I just said, “keep me going through the day.” I have such a dependence on the computer. I find myself, admittedly, checking my facebook or texting throughout the day while ignoring a request made from my children. So, I am thinking I may need a break. A break to truly focus on what is most important in my life. The little relationships that surround me big or small. In my drastic measures kind of way, I want to move to a farm so we can be fully sustainable. Fully connected without wires or wifi to keep us close. And teach my own children without the influence of the world slapping me in the face daily and my children. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? It would be hard. So hard. But genuine. The connection with those around us would be deep as it takes time to write a letter or connect with someone over tea/coffee. But I don’t live in that kind of purist world. I live in this world. Internet, Smartphones, FB, etc. How do I scale back without full force? What is the balance? I pose the question to you, too. Do you find life is more genuine with technology or less so? What would you do without FB for a week? for a month? without email? Would it remove you further from the rest of the world or closer?

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  1. Personally, I could do with a lot less of it. Ask Luke, I say it all the time. Put it down, look around, we are HERE…real people needing to connect to you. At home, put it down, love on the flesh and blood you have right next to you. Yes, I know it is important to connect to the people you are not close to, but not at the expense of the ones you are close to. Good book for you: 60 seconds after. Very eye opening on just how dependent we are on technology.

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