Picturing the Father Part Two

The Relentless Pursuit of a Father

photo by Eva McGuire

There are so many ways I have come to be awakened to the Father’s love. Today I want to talk about worship. I don’t want to say worship is magical, but I will say worship is magical. Turning my heart to the Throne of God continues to be the most impactful tool to break down my self induced barriers. There are a couple worship songs which really touched my spirit as I began to see more clearly the Heart of God’s fatherly heart. Steffany Gretzinger- “Out of Hiding” and “Pieces.”  Sometimes when my heart is in a hardened or closed off space, worship will hit underneath the fragile walls and help them to tumble down.

Friend, if you struggle connecting to the Heart of God, our Vinedresser, will you take five minutes of your day to plug in some ear phones, or you can tune in on your car to these two beautiful songs. Dive deep into the words and let your heart be safe and sound in His arms.

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