Word of the Year

Way back in the beginning of this wild year, we were setting our sights ahead to the upcoming year. I am always a dreamer, planner, and lover of intentions. Even though the world has had its fair share of groanings and upheaval, I still believe the word I received from the Holy Spirit is my True North in this year.

Let me take you back to the moment I heard my word…

I sat on our back porch on a warmer January morning, sipping my coffee. Family was staying at our house for our annual gift tradition, so I was taking a little moment outside to listen and ask Jesus what His word was for me this year was. I closed my eyes and asked in my mind and waited for the answer. Almost instantly, I heard “powerhouse.” I opened my eyes and immediately teared up. “No, God, not me. Don’t you know I am exhausted? My body is tired from autoimmune stuff,” I argued. In my mind, I pictured Jesus smirking. He smirked because He knew how He would guide me as He revealed more and more. He showed me a powerhouse, like a dam in a river being released to create power.

My only job was to allow the flow to go through me. No matter what, He guides me with each step. He is reminding me continually these last seven months to keep my eyes up River and trust the flow.

What’s your word? Is it beckoning you to revisit? Or shift?

Want to go deeper? Try an Encounter! My River Encounter came from this word- POWERHOUSE.

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