Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas


Feel lost in what to give your spouse this year?

I know each year I struggle with what is the best gift to give to my husband.  So many options! So many sales! To make your life a little less stressful, Joshua and I decided we would help you out.


BeachBody OnDemand

A year’s worth of online workouts including yoga, mindfulness, HIIT programs, kickboxing, and the ultimate favorite P90X.  I love this gift every year because it gives me the option to workout at home and not have to worry about driving to the gym. They have quick workouts for any level, too.  Check out Beachbody Online Demand– $99 for the year.

I love keeping track of my steps- especially now that I work at home on the computer so much more than in the past.  So, my favorite tracker is the FitBit Charge. 

My all time favorite beanies are from CC Beanies. Keeps that noggin’ warm all winter long.  So many cute colors and varieties.  

AirPods are a great way to listen to all your favorite podcasts like Wholistic Hearts! 

Blankets are my love language, so I am guessing your lady would love this one, too. Bonus: it’s weighted!


Listen to your favorite worship, news radio, or book throughout the home with the new Echo Dot

The Firestick is a great gift as you can pick what you’d like to watch through apps on your tv. 

Keep a close shave with this turbo wet/dry Pitbull Platinum Pro Razor.

Audible is one of my go-to’s! I find myself listening to audiobooks as I drive to and from work or even when I am working around the house. 

Yeti is the gold star of all mugs. Guaranteed to keep my coffee warm all day.  And it’s super durable, so it won’t chip away or crack or dent.  

*I am an Amazon Affiliate and this helps me keep doing the blog, podcast, and ministry! I appreciate your holiday shopping clicks! 

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