A Christmas Gift Guide for the Spiritual Mama

Christmas- Gift- Wrapped Present

A Christmas Gift Guide for the Spiritual Mama

Rolling into the last month of 2020 is a bit like being on the end of a roller coaster. As a mom, we have all had to become flexible and roll with the upside loops and fast turns and sudden brakes of the coaster.  More than ever, our hearts are needing soul care.  Our spirits are craving solidarity and steady ground.  I’ve compiled a Gift Guide for the Spiritual Mama of 2020.  As a follower of Jesus, we are called to rest, which means ultimately we are called to receive.  I pray for your heart to RECEIVE the external gifts and ideas for ways to take care of your heart as we round out the monumental page turner of a year- 2020.  

From the very get go of 2020, I have read and heard many experts on writing, as well as, mental health professionals encourage people to write and document this time. We will want to look back on these times and remember what it was like.  My first gift guide for any Christian mama is a journal like this one.  

My first gift is having a journal which is a place for your heart to tell the journey of your spirit.  Some mornings I write prayers, and some mornings I use my journal to write a list of to-do’s. But it is all valuable enough for me to write down. My journals are one of my most prized possessions because it allows me to go back and see how the Lord has weaved his love throughout my life- even in the dark night of the souls.  A journal is so vital in your journey as a spiritual mama to you can write down funny things your kids are saying or profound epiphanies the Lord gave.  It can be a place of drawing or expressing gratitude.  I highly encourage you to ask for a journal like the one above- one that calls your name and invites you to tell of your story.  

My second gift is a foundational to knowing God’s Truth: the Bible.  Diving into the Word is vitally important as we grow as women who follow after Jesus.  The ESV is a great version for Word Study- which I recommend on my resource page. Another one of my favorites, which is listed above is The Passion Translation. It is like opening any page of the Bible to experience an Encounter- a face to face experience of the love of God. I highly recommend this one for any woman who wants to experience the intimacy of the Bridegroom. 

If you’re like me, I love to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and engage in my time with Jesus.  There are some mornings that I will just sit and hold the cup while I close my eyes and just breathe in God’s presence.  Be still and know.  This mug is a great affirmative mug to know that through Jesus you are enough.  

Setting the tone and atmosphere is key. The Bible talks about the pleasing aroma of God. Bringing a candle or even essential oils into your space can be a tool to bring our hearts and senses to attention. 

Having a great set of pens is so important to me. I have to say I am a sucker for pens…ALL. THE. PENS. These pens are some of my absolute favorites because they are fine point and easy to write with and draw or underline in your journal and Bible. 

Couse, Spiritual Direction

My final gift suggestion is for women who are wanting tangible ways to connect to God through intimate encounters and who are wanting to deepen, widen, grow their relationship with the Lord. My upcoming course- The Heavenly Commission.  Starting in January 2021, you will be able to go through an 8 week online course to discover your Kingdom Identity, Mission, and Goals.  You can go through the online course by yourself at your own pace or you can do it with a group or you can upgrade to the Gold Level package to have me as your dedicated, prayerful, personal 1:1 Spiritual Breakthrough Coach who will walk you through each lesson in the course.  

If you are ready to live your life full of intention and illuminated by Kingdom Purpose, sign up today here

Each of these gifts are a great way to start and continue to be present in our lives, and engage in beautiful encounters with the Lord.  

I’d love to hear some of your favorite go-to’s for your spiritual self-care gift ideas.  

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