Let Loose, Mama!

Sometimes I just need a reminder to let loose. Life is too serious. Too busy. Too stressful. I get so caught up in the to-do, go-here, be-there that I lose the moment of beauty with my life. Specifically, I struggle with my kids. I focus on the clock of “don’t want to be late.” Or “it is nap time, dang it!” ha. This past week my heart has felt the prayers of many of my sweet friends around me. And lightened in heaviness. Life as I know it has been shifted to a humbling, raw, trusting state. So, in the midst, my lips have lost much of their grin behind closed doors with my little ones, and my love. But I feel joy. In the worry, I trust and feel peace now. Life’s challenges are still very real but the shifting of attitude has been great. Such seriousness is too serious. Bedtimes are supposed to be sweet and something a little child will always remember. I remember from my childhood, very vividly, the way my mother tickled my back while she sang her made-up version of the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” who would climb up our back and down into our crack. And my dad’s wildly inventive stories about a hundred and one children having to share one bed and the bottom kid yells, “I HAVE TO PEE!” My memories are strong when there was laughing involved. With the change in my heart and realization that life is just too serious, I have had such a fun time with my kids this week being silly. Over and over, I am learning what it is too be a good mom. It’s being silly. Laughing with them. Loving the daylights out of them when they are grumpy. It’s ignoring the dishes, the laundry, the stinky trash to play cars or Barbie. So, be silly today. You’ll find the energy it takes to rev yourself up to let loose is nothing compared to the energy it takes to be grumpy. I am lovin’ it. Hopefully, this sweet silly phase will last and if not, you all can call me out on it.

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  1. Love it Kris!! I tell my piano teachers… you know a lesson is going well if you hear lots of laughter. So true with little ones too. love ya and for sure – let those dishes sit!!

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