DoTerra, Can You Handle This?

Have you ever loved something so much you wanted to just…to just…??? I don't know. But I DO KNOW that the OnGuard oils from DoTerra is something smelly good. I have been fighting some awful fever blister the past few days. You know, the kind that makes you feel super self-conscious and make you a hermit until it's over. I hate them. HATE them. I practically have an anxiety attack when I feel one approaching. So, on the DoTerra website, I was encouraged to read about all these people who have had help in this area of fever blisters. So, I have taken my melaleuca from my melaleuca company stuff and OnGuard from DoTerra and have diligently applied it on my lips. It is actually starting to dry up. It by no means is gone but usually at the second day mark of a fever blister my lips are full of a watery blister (NASTY!!!!) So, I am encouraged with that. Also, fever blisters are a sign of the immune system being in poor condition. I think that is why my body naturally is in love with the OnGuard oil. It has cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, wild orange in it…and it is magnificent. I have been diffusing it all day in my little diffuser in the kitchen.

On another note, I have made three rice pillows for my kids to put the special oils on their beds at night. Since vetiver oil was recommended for sleep, I thought it would be nice to have it on their little heated rice pillow. I muscle tested (I will explain this in another post someday) Sawyer and Emerson with the vetiver and it was not testing well. I have put it on their pillows anyway but they have been off the wall the last two nights at bedtime. They have played and played and have had a monster truck party in their room till 9 both nights. Not the norm for them. I muscle tested Ryker and he tested strong! And he has slept amazing! I have stopped giving him melatonin the last few nights and he has SLEPT through the night! I am impressed. And hopefully it is not a coincidence. I also thought that it was interesting that Ryker LOVES the smell of vetiver. And the lil' Twin-kies yell, “EW!” Vetiver is pretty amazing. It is a plant that is used to ground soil that is eroding. It is used for ADHD and insomnia and lots of  turbo things like anti-viral…here is a sweet picture I got off of pinterest…
I am still loving my lemon water. It is in my glass water bottle right now. I mention “glass water bottle” because if you put the DoTerra lemon oil in plastic it will melt right through. Pretty amazing. 
Another health issue of mine is my monthly rash that I have had since I was preggo with my twins. Every month for a week I have gotten a rash on my feet that is incredibly itchy. Last night was one of those insomniac obsessively itchy nights. So, I am hoping that some oil or oil blend will help with that, too. I will keep you posted. I have put melaleuca, tei fu oil, and Pain-a-trate (from Melaleuca) on it and nothing seems to relieve the itch. To be continued with DoTerra…Got to make sure these other oils will work first. 
If any of you are interested further you can check out DoTerra's stuff on my website:

A New Year Means New Things

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love new years. I know some people say, “Well, everyday is a new day to start something.” But for me…it's a tangible time to reevaluate things. I love it. 

Two months ago, I received an invitation to a talk. A party to learn about essential oils. I have had multiple people encourage me to check out DoTerra Essential Oils knowing that I love me some natural remedies. Well, I went, thankfully with my sister in law. We sat through the talk and giggled about this and that. Frankly, I just enjoyed getting an afternoon with my sister-in-law learning about natural remedies. I had my guard up. I am TELLING YOU…I was OVER multi-level marketing companies. Here is my resume of stay at home businesses that have approached me over the last three years.

Juice Plus- (which I still use, and it holds the most third party confirmations and research in reputable medical magazines)
Amway- ummm….yea. No.
Pampered Chef- not my thing.
Party Lite- I don't even like candles. I have four little ones running around.
Scentsy- Loved the smell but then found out I don't want chemicals in my air.
Lifeway/Mila/Genesis Today- I love Mila as it makes poos really awesome and satisfying. ha.
Melaleuca- I love their cleaning products but was disappointed over the use of corn in many of their products, which Sawyer (one of the Twinlets) cannot tolerate around him.
Trivita- amazing supplements (referred by the dearest mentor) but can't afford them.
And now, DoTerra.

Maybe it was the “I am overwhelmed and not doing so great health-wise sign over my head.” Or maybe there is just a boom in at-home business. Or maybe there is a GRAND cry for health issues to be resolved like mine that are mysteries in the medical field. All of these companies have had many BIG promises of healing this or that. I have to say, I am almost always willing to try anything since most of my teenage years and college years I heard from most docs, “Well, Honey, we just can't figure it out.” I completely believe in the medical field for certain areas, but I also believe there is a whole world out there of solutions that we don't even bother looking at because they aren't endorsed by some bizillionare who gave a doctor a free trip to Cancun for the week.

So there I was a couple months ago, sitting listening to this sweet and beautiful woman talk on how this product, DoTerra, has changed her life. Her children's life. A list of my health issues was fully on my brain and no satisfactory healing has taken place in the past three years. I knew my experience with this or that product had been less than amazing. (And I also knew we just got slammed by the flu and then later after the party with a cold that has lasted all month in various people of my house and the stomach bug for two more of us after Christmas.) I kept thinking, “well what if this time is different?” Or…”I would love to try it but it seems so expensive!” Of course, my first thought was that I could just go try the oils from the health food store. So, that's what I did. I went and got two bottles of various blends. And started to diffuse them. I got a headache. ha. I thought this one was supposed to be uplifting and warm. But it kept giving me a headache instead. Maybe DoTerra's claim to be 100% all oils is true. I went through our bouts of sickness and on the very last day of the year, I ordered Doterra lemon oil. I received it three days ago. And let me tell you what I experienced: I opened it and instantly was so excited to smell it. It REALLY does smell like a lemon peel! I put a few drops in my water and wow. My life has changed. I love water. I have loved water. Anyone will tell you that I carry my water bottle around religiously like wearing underwear. It is apart of me. Two or three drops of this lemon oil just sent my experience of water love over the top. Now, I don't know if it has enhanced my mood as it claims but it sure has made me want to drink way more water! And it actually makes the sound of drinking coffee right away in the morning not so appetizing. Weird and shocking for me.

I wanted to journal through this experience. And to really get into whether this thing is legit or not. I have since ordered a few other oils: vetiver (a sleep aid for Ryker), OnGuard (a turbo blend of oils that are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial to strengthen the immune system) and DigestZen (to aid in digestion for my celiac stuff and Sawyer's intolerance to corn since we get sideswiped by that a lot). I will let you know what I find out.  

Revamping Our Lifestyle

Granola Girl…that was my nickname for awhile. Who knew that I would come back around to embrace that nickname again. And this time with intensity. Many things, as you may know, have occurred this past year that has made me rethink what I see as “good for my family/me.” Watching various documentaries like “Food, Inc.,” “Forks and Knives,” and “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” I have become more aware of how much we are deceived into thinking a certain way. I feel like a veil has been lifted. So, a few things that have made our family a little bit weirder everyday: we are gluten free, dairy free, and now we have almost rid ourselves of all household cleaners, baby washes, commercial toothpaste (almost). There is so many bad things in those products. It's funny because I knew they had harsh chemicals that were horrible for you, but it never clicked that it would be bad for you after it dried or washed away. My job as a mom of three rambunxious boys and a curious girl is to protect them from harmful things from their environment, right?! So why am I putting things on the places they eat, walk, and play with chemicals?! In place of my previously beloved Comet and Method all purpose cleaner (yep, even that has chemicals that are proven to be cancer causing), I have gotten some good ol' Castile Soap and water. Pure vegetable based goodness. As far as Comet, you can switch it up with baking soda. So many toxins, so overwhelming, but so convicting to protect my family. Hope this spurs you onto investigate a little further into what you are eating, drinking, cleaning, spraying, storing, using. Here's to living up to my ol' nickname from school! Don't worry, I will still shave my legs and armpits. And just so you know, Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap can be used for pretty much anything: toothpaste, all purpose cleaner, shampoo, baby wash :

And just so you know if you are hesitant as I was in washing our clothes in the Castile Soap and baking soda, it is amazing. Our clothes are so soft and smell yummy…with no added detergents. So cool.

"Too Much TV" Day 3

Copeland's profound epiphany, “I know why we get mad. Because too much tv.” Ha. I love her realization because IT'S SO TRUE! The past few days we have stayed strong and not turned on the tube, ipod, or computer games. And we have had a lot of fun (once we get past the whining that they can't watch tv). It helps, too, to have a serious stash of library books. Let me just add on that note, if I can lug my four children to the library, I CAN DO ANYTHING. ha. Even though I am sweating like no other by the time we leave and the employees all look like, “Oh dear heavens, please don't bring that many of your kids in at once next time,” I am proud of myself. It's always a feat. So, that is my update for now.


Remember this book? I used to love this book…one of many good stories written by the Berestains. A good moral in each book. I love it. And it is the theme of our week. After a weekend of lots of movies, ipods, and netflix-ing, I decided no television for our kids this week. Mainly, I am doing this to prove to myself that we can survive without the t.v. during the craziness of the mornings and the wildness at dinner time. Not that we ever really watch tv while eating meals but it has become a “babysitter” of sorts. So, we are trying it out this week. It is time to use the ol' imagination and utilize our coloring and reading skills. I have already had some kickback today but that's okay we are still going strong!

Let Loose, Mama!

Sometimes I just need a reminder to let loose. Life is too serious. Too busy. Too stressful. I get so caught up in the to-do, go-here, be-there that I lose the moment of beauty with my life. Specifically, I struggle with my kids. I focus on the clock of “don't want to be late.” Or “it is nap time, dang it!” ha. This past week my heart has felt the prayers of many of my sweet friends around me. And lightened in heaviness. Life as I know it has been shifted to a humbling, raw, trusting state. So, in the midst, my lips have lost much of their grin behind closed doors with my little ones, and my love. But I feel joy. In the worry, I trust and feel peace now. Life's challenges are still very real but the shifting of attitude has been great. Such seriousness is too serious. Bedtimes are supposed to be sweet and something a little child will always remember. I remember from my childhood, very vividly, the way my mother tickled my back while she sang her made-up version of the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” who would climb up our back and down into our crack. And my dad's wildly inventive stories about a hundred and one children having to share one bed and the bottom kid yells, “I HAVE TO PEE!” My memories are strong when there was laughing involved. With the change in my heart and realization that life is just too serious, I have had such a fun time with my kids this week being silly. Over and over, I am learning what it is too be a good mom. It's being silly. Laughing with them. Loving the daylights out of them when they are grumpy. It's ignoring the dishes, the laundry, the stinky trash to play cars or Barbie. So, be silly today. You'll find the energy it takes to rev yourself up to let loose is nothing compared to the energy it takes to be grumpy. I am lovin' it. Hopefully, this sweet silly phase will last and if not, you all can call me out on it.