The Invitation to the River

I invite you to jump into this imaginative thoughtful place today. Are there places in your heart you are feeling the need to surrender? This Encounter is a special one for me personally. I experienced this Encounter a number of years ago during a season of wanting to grasp control on every part of my life. I felt so out of control as a young mom and as a wife. The Lord led me through this Encounter and the realization of letting go was so powerful. I pray for each person to experience His presence. As always, I’d love for you to share your experience! I love hearing how the Holy Spirit comes for you!

Surrender: The River Encounter

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Remember this book? I used to love this book…one of many good stories written by the Berestains. A good moral in each book. I love it. And it is the theme of our week. After a weekend of lots of movies, ipods, and netflix-ing, I decided no television for our kids this week. Mainly, I am doing this to prove to myself that we can survive without the t.v. during the craziness of the mornings and the wildness at dinner time. Not that we ever really watch tv while eating meals but it has become a “babysitter” of sorts. So, we are trying it out this week. It is time to use the ol' imagination and utilize our coloring and reading skills. I have already had some kickback today but that's okay we are still going strong!