A January Recap for Wholistic Hearts

Time to do our monthly recap of The Wholistic Hearts podcast.

We kicked off the 2021 year with pursuing wholehearted, holistic living. We are called to live a life abundantly, and I believe it is when we step into wholeness with our whole heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Each episode was deliberate picked for the start of 2021 so that we can have a foundational truth on which to ground ourselves.

I had the pleasure of talking about what self care looks like in this season in a holistic approach.

Then we had a beautiful conversation with Darlene Kalawe about wholehearted, honest faith. It was filled with refreshing vulnerability and honesty.

The next week we talked about holistic nutrition with one of the best Transformational Coaches, Ashley Brooke Harbour.

And wrapping up the month of January, I dropped a new encounter to help us step into more of God's peace.

You can take a listen to all the January episodes below or on most of the podcast platforms.

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Connecting to Our Teens

Longing for Real Connection

Each week I observed and was ignited by their gigantic faith. I observed how they feel the weight of the world just as we do. I observed the cry of their hearts longing to be seen, known, and a part of something bigger than themselves. They embraced one another. They put down their phones and picked up the wonder of encountering Jesus in an imaginative, real way.

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The Invitation to the River

I invite you to jump into this imaginative thoughtful place today. Are there places in your heart you are feeling the need to surrender? This Encounter is a special one for me personally. I experienced this Encounter a number of years ago during a season of wanting to grasp control on every part of my life. I felt so out of control as a young mom and as a wife. The Lord led me through this Encounter and the realization of letting go was so powerful. I pray for each person to experience His presence. As always, I’d love for you to share your experience! I love hearing how the Holy Spirit comes for you!

Surrender: The River Encounter

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People have asked me, “What is an Encounter?” To put into words something which is such a spiritual experience is so difficult.
However…Yesterday we were recording a show talking about parenting. The guest brilliantly explained the importance of holding a baby to your chest. The reason it is important- co-regulation. The baby’s body will begin to regulate to the mothers. When the baby is upset, scared, lonely, it cries. If the mother or father or caretaker picks him up relaxed and calm, the baby will fall in line to the rhythm of the caretaker.

Hold up, y’all. THIS! Here is my answer to the question, “What is an encounter?” When we close our eyes, breathe deeply, and allow our imagination to picture a loving Father, or the kind eyes of Jesus, or we allow ourselves to picture being held by Him, we CO-REGULATE! We crawl up into the heartbeat of WHO God is and become one with Him.

I found this sweet picture of me, not feeling well, I assume, on my Pepaw’s lap. Here is safety. Here is where the beat of his loving heart allowed me to feel safe and secure.
I invite you to close your eyes today and just picture this. Picture a LOVING welcoming Father. Or maybe it’s your mom’s chest you remember snuggling up when you were sad or hurt. This is Love. Love from a Creator who knows you and what’s to slow the rhythm of your heart to match His.

Enjoy an Encounter to help you regulate.

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