The Weekly Goods- Connecting Our Body and Heart

A More in Depth Discussion of This Week’s Wholistic Hearts Podcast

As I go back and relisten again to the wonderful interview with Cherie Snyder (Listen HERE), I am allowing this sweet conversation to penetrate places in my heart which I’ve tried to sneak past and politely decline its invitation to come and observe.  

A Garden Encounter

I don’t know about you, but when I view the garden of my heart, there is an area which is overgrown and weedy and thick with vines. In it’s confines, it has jaggedly cut down trees where I just chose to chop down on a whim.  There is burnt up pieces of grass and twigs and branches tossed to and fro.  It’s an area I don’t like to look at.  When I picture Jesus viewing my heart, I want to pull his arm to the more beautiful engaging and colorful flowers of my garden.  But in His sweet tenderness, He leads me back to this ignored and pushed away area.  

He kneels down and digs into the burnt soil and shows me the quality of the dirt below the scruffiness. And He leans in and says, “Dear Sweet One, this is where I will be. Tending, like a good gardener. I see the seeds and potential. I don’t mind the mess.”  I notice in my meditating on this place in my heart I become tense in my body.  I become nervous of the work. I get into my freeze and panic mode in my body.  

And again, Jesus reminds me in my heart as He is still kneeling down with his knees pushed into the dark mud, “This work is for me.” He showed me an orange construction type fence around the area with a wooden sign which read, “PROJECT RECLAMATION.”  When I realized it was not dependent on my striving but releasing and letting Him tend to the crackly twigs and musty places, my body relaxed.   My only job in this protected area is to RECEIVE.  No striving to heal. No trying my best to clean up this closed off area. It’s on Him.  It is when I surrender to His partnership, that my spirit can rise up and become more who He has created me to be. 

So, what does your heart look like in this season? I’d love to hear from you and how this week’s podcast has affected your whole heart.

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