Picturing the Father Part Three

The Relentless Pursuit of the Father

Over and over again, Jesus explains in Luke 15 how the Father goes after the ones who are lost, who have lost their way. God is the Father who cheers for His kids to come back home.

Revealing the Father’s heart, Jesus tells the story of the lost son. It’s a story we hear over and over in church. It may feel like it hits the “Oh yes, I have heard this story a million times.” But I pray you see the perspective of the Father.  One day it clicked in my spirit- the way the Father is portrayed by Jesus, His son, is truly remarkable.

It all starts with the son asking for his inheritance before the father dies. And the father willingly gives his son all his inheritance knowing the son would squander it.

The Father’s character first shines here- He is a mighty giver.

The son packs up and leaves to a faraway place. He wasted it all on wild living.  At the same time of his money running out, the country began a time of famine.  The son found a farmer to work for by helping feed the pigs. The son became so hungry that he ate the pig food.  When the son snapped out of this stupor, he realized he could go home and be hired as a servant. “Even the servants have enough food to spare,” he thought.  He began working up a whole speech he would present to his father.  “Father, I have sinned against you…I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Please hire me as a servant.” 

The son, full of stinch and working up his excuses and perhaps timidly preparing how he would be received, started to walk the long road home. 

Here is where it gets good. 

Jesus says, “And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him.” What a beautiful picture of the Father.  This makes me pause to tap into this unconditional love I feel towards my own children.  How I would run towards my own child coming home.  How much more is Jesus revealing the Father’s heart in this story.  It’s like the most epic movie scene I could think of.  The Father runs towards us filled with love and compassion and embraces us and kisses us like a dad who is so relieved to have you home. 

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com

It doesn’t stop there…

The son continues to spit out the long thought out speech to the Father. He explains how he had sinned against him, and he is no longer worthy to be called his son.  

Have we done this? Do we approach the Father with a long laundry list of “I am so sorry. I am a sinner. I am so awful. I sinned again. I am no longer worthy to enter into your kingdom.” This is a huge distinction in our faith.

You know what the Father does in response? He turns to the servants and says, “Quick! Bring the finest robe in the house and put it on him. Get a ring for his finger and sandals for his feet. And kill the fat calf for some steaks! It’s time for a party! My son was dead and has now returned to life. He was lost and now is found.” 

Yall…he didn’t even acknowledge or bat an eye at the son’s speech. He just turns to his servants and calls for a gigantic celebration to be had.  Let’s throw a party and celebrate.  

God the Father intrigues me in this season, and I hope this beckons you to sit and be still and ask the deep questions of how do I see the Father?

To walk through this Biblical story through an Encounter, listen below.


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