Pursuing Holistic Living through Self-Care

Pursuing Wholistic Living Through Self Care

Jesus said, “You must love your neighbor in the same way you love yourself.” Sometimes we can forget the second half of this verse. Jesus grouped it into one of the most important commandments!

Loving ourselves entails digging into the deep places of our hearts and tending to all parts of us. This is done through self care.

In pondering this topic of self care, I became aware of the importance of RECEIVING. Receiving means we are accepting a gift. Self care offers us a chance to:

Receiving Rest when you are a go-getter.

Receiving Love in the calloused places of our hearts.

Receiving the Kindness of the Holy Spirit to soften our hardened souls.

Receiving Affirmation from your Creator when we are criticizing our bodies.

Receiving the Truth behind the lies we hold onto.

Receiving rest when we are tired.

Receiving care when we have used up all our resources to care for others.

Receiving Beauty where we have been lost in the to-do list.

So, my friend, how are you loving your self well in this wild and resilience building season? Listen to Wholistic Hearts Podcast today for some tangible ways to take care of your self.

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Self Care and Boundaries

Breakthrough Coaching

Part of living holistically is learning to love your self well. One way to do that is through finding a mentor or a coach to speak into your life.

For me when I began working with a Holistic Lifestyle coach, I started to notice the areas in my life which I needed some serious boundaries. I grew up being a people pleaser. It is my default mode. “Don't rock the boat, Kristin.”

As my coach began to point out the areas where I actually was not practicing loving kindness towards myself. There were a lot of times in my life where I wanted to say no but I would say yes.

My own lack of boundaries and self care was leading to a sneaky underlying resentment and bitterness.

I began to feel sick to my stomach over commitments I made. I could feel the “no” response in my body yet I would say “yes” to this or that commitment.

Through coaching, I learned the word “no” was a gift.

Psalm 16:6 says “The boundary lines of the land have fallen for me in pleasant places…” Boundaries are actually a beautiful thing to grasp!

Through my Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching program, I can help you navigate healthy boundaries.

If you struggle with being over committed or a people pleaser, I'd love to come alongside and coach you!

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People have asked me, “What is an Encounter?” To put into words something which is such a spiritual experience is so difficult.
However…Yesterday we were recording a show talking about parenting. The guest brilliantly explained the importance of holding a baby to your chest. The reason it is important- co-regulation. The baby’s body will begin to regulate to the mothers. When the baby is upset, scared, lonely, it cries. If the mother or father or caretaker picks him up relaxed and calm, the baby will fall in line to the rhythm of the caretaker.

Hold up, y’all. THIS! Here is my answer to the question, “What is an encounter?” When we close our eyes, breathe deeply, and allow our imagination to picture a loving Father, or the kind eyes of Jesus, or we allow ourselves to picture being held by Him, we CO-REGULATE! We crawl up into the heartbeat of WHO God is and become one with Him.

I found this sweet picture of me, not feeling well, I assume, on my Pepaw’s lap. Here is safety. Here is where the beat of his loving heart allowed me to feel safe and secure.
I invite you to close your eyes today and just picture this. Picture a LOVING welcoming Father. Or maybe it’s your mom’s chest you remember snuggling up when you were sad or hurt. This is Love. Love from a Creator who knows you and what’s to slow the rhythm of your heart to match His.

Enjoy an Encounter to help you regulate.

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