Permission to Pause.

Encounter Jesus in everyday life.

Wholistic Hearts Episode 36

Hey Friend.

I invite you right now- whatever you are doing- whether you are folding laundry, washing dishes, browsing the latest trends on Pinterest, running errands or waiting on kids to finish up sports practice. I invite you to pause. Take a deep breath in and out. Choose to connect to yourself and with your Creator.

Do you know Jesus is mesmerized by you? He sees you in this very moment and adores every part of you. Now, lean in and ask in your heart, “Jesus, what do you enjoy about me?” And pause and listen. Trust your heart. He speaks.

Maybe He is saying, “I love how you think.”

Or maybe “I love your quirky ways. It makes me smile and giggle.” 

Or maybe it is as simple as, “I enjoy you because you are you.”   

Picture Jesus’ welcoming and warm smile. 

Now ask Him, “Who are you for me, right now?” What does He say?  Pause and listen.

Are you feeling anxious? Then maybe Jesus responds softly with “I am your rock. Your peace which no one can understand.” 

Are you feeling exhausted? Maybe Jesus responds with “I am a safe place to rest.” 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Jesus may say “All you have to do is enjoy my presence right now. Nothing more.”  

Now, transition into a place of enjoying His presence that never leaves.  Tell Him either out loud or in your heart- what do you love about Jesus? Is it His kindness? Is it His never changing personality? Is it His delight to be with you? Is it His compassion? Look back at your day and notice any places where you saw Jesus show up.  Or maybe it’s just relishing in the goodness and gratitude in our life.  This is pure worship.  Even a simple, “I love you, Jesus.”

As you continue on with your day,  remember Jesus is always with us.

A pause is just a breath away.  A quick turning our attention to gaze upon Him is all we need. 

He is available all day, everyday.

He is in the hard moments and the easy peasy moments. 

His glory is available- He is always standing at the door of our hearts waiting to delight in us.

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