Encountering the Father Builds Faith

Hey Friends- Today  I want to encourage you to trust God speaks to our hearts. I had an incident the other week where my faith was made stronger, and I’d love to invite you into part of this encounter I experienced to spur you on to keep pressing in.  Be expectant.  He is constantly thinking about you. (Psalm 139) He has a bunch to say about His children.  

Come with me as I take you inside my time with God. 

I was feeling dry and wanting and longing for more with my time with God. So, I woke one early Sunday morning and decided to sit and just wait and listen.  I pictured walking up to a log cabin where the Father was sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch waiting for me to come and sit down. In my spirit, I imagined the creek of the rocking chairs on the wooden planks. It was a beautiful summer morning in the mountains.  

I asked my Father, “Who am I?” And I began to hear His voice so clearly. I began writing down the words that I heard in my spirit.  “I never tire of you, Kristin, nor do I ever tire of your questions and thoughts.” The words I write on the paper  penetrated my heavy ladened heart. 

 I began to soften as my Father in Heaven spoke Life.  He continued to hand me a set of keys in my vision and said, “I have given you keys to unlock visions and dreams within people- your children, women, even men to encounter me.” 

Here is where it gets super wild and “you can’t make this #$%#$ up!” 

My son who was upstairs while I was writing this all down, comes down the stairs and says, “Hey Mom! Look at this necklace I made!” It was a necklace with a key on it.  No joke.  I took a double take and said, “Wait, what made you make a necklace with a key on it?” And he replied, “I don’t know. I just wanted to. So I found this key and put it on a necklace.” 

Yall! THIS is the wonder of the King of Kings. He SPEAKS! He speaks to you. I pray your eyes will open to the little God Winks He places in your life, today.  

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