Zoom Call or Face to Face?

“Is your relationship with God a Zoom call or a face to face, in the the flesh interaction?”

With the quarantine’s protocol, our social world’s have tried to embrace the new way of meeting with using Zoom or Google Meet. Although it is better than not seeing another human face than my six lovely people I live with, I am not the biggest fan of Zoom. And yes, God bless the wonderful opportunity to have technology which allows us to see people across the country- i.e., Grandmommy reading books to my children thousands of miles from here. There are many great things about technology; however, it is not the same as in person, face to face interaction.

I was preparing for a zoom call this morning with some of the loveliest group of women I know, and I still had to pump myself up to log in to this virtual reality group meeting. I asked the Lord what is it which makes me frustrated about zoom…He showed me how I am easily distracted, and how I become focused on the things like “Am I too close to the camera? Should I interrupt? Does the audio sound ok?” If I am honest, I am partially listening. (Sorry, dear friends and family.) In summary, my heart is not totally vested in the moment. I long for the moment when we get to for real embrace extended family and close friends. The long awaited hug will be magical.

Then God dropped this in my heart- how much more is this parable of zoom vs. real life interaction when you look at our relationship with the Holy Spirit. I don’t know about you, but I long for the real deal. I long for the tangible, sink your teeth into relationship with the Holy Spirit which is talked about in Acts 2.

“‘This is what I will do in the last days—I will pour out my Spirit on everybody and cause your sons and daughters to prophesy, and your young men will see visions, and your old men will experience dreams from God. The Holy Spirit will come upon all my servants, men and women alike, and they will prophesy. I will reveal startling signs and wonders in the sky above and mighty miracles on the earth below. Blood and fire and pillars of clouds will appear.”
‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:17-19‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Can you imagine the powerful experience of this? In my own spiritual journey I walked for many, MANY years in the “Zoom Call Zone.” The past seven years have shifted my experience of the Holy Spirit from a touch point on a Sunday or Wednesday to the in-person interactive relationship. He led me in this transformation through people leading the way of what it meant to walk with Jesus in the everyday- not just in a bible study or in a small group where I crammed the day before- But in the everyday moments of sleepless nights and changing diapers and hearing whining from tired children and doing dishes and doing endless laundry and the anxiety which overwhelmed me….I began to see He was in all the moments, not just the 30 minutes in the morning.

There is something about the face to face encountering of Jesus which cannot be replaced. Our bible studies and our virtual Instagram quotes (as beautiful as they are) will not replace the FIRST-Hand experience of a relationship with Our King. He longs to meet with us- FACE to Face. He wants to hear the hurt, the pain, the frustration, the heartbeat, the unspoken communication, the uncomfortable-ness. When we meet with a friend face to face, we cannot ignore the demeanor in which they walk in the room- neither can the Holy Spirit pass over the recognition of the state of our hearts IN PERSON. When we settle to drop in like a zoom call on our knowing ABOUT God, we miss out on the intricacies of which a relationship is built on. There is beauty and intimacy in the presence of one another. How wonderful to be able to invite Jesus into these spaces? I am continuing to walk along this road to a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and I want more! I want to live in His presence and not the second best Zoom call. I want to tangible smell like Him. I want to feel the heartbeat of who He is. I want to be in His grill! I pray you don’t settle for the Zoom call and reach out for the more, my friend.

“I'm done pretending, I want the real thing”- Dante Bowe


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Awaiting the Feast

The Bird House

I wandered outside in the midst of needing some fresh air. My back porch offering solitude after a great solid week of focus on trying to “homeschool” our four kids.  It was a sunny and mild Saturday- an offering of sweetness after a few days of cold, snowy, rainy spring like Colorado type weather. The birds were chirping and singing about this new warmth coming in as the day awakened.  I stood out on my back deck overlooking our winterized yard and desperately wanted to bring back life. I decided with excitement to go get my beloved bird feeder my niece handmade for me and hang it back up on one of the trees in my yard.   I felt like a little kid at Christmas about to see how my brand new toy really works. I filled up the feeder in anticipation for the variety of birds to come and eat. The seeds were overflowing onto the ground below. I walked back to my chair on the porch. I was ready.  I sat down and waited.

I had a moment which I like to call a preacher moment. When I have these moments, it’s like I suddenly have to smile at the realization that the Father is teaching me something. Just as I sat in my chair with great expectation for the birds to come and feast and enjoy the spread I laid out for them, so does the Father lay out a feast for us to enjoy.  I love picturing Him laying out a beautiful table full of pleasures and delights and sitting back waiting for His bride to come and feast.

So, next time you sit and watch the birds come to your feeder, let it be a reminder to your heart that it is an invitation for you to come and in-JOY feast upon the kindness of God. 

Saltine Crackers

Photo by Ben Libby on Pexels.com

I sat in angst over the big decisions I needed to make. I felt like it was all I knew. I was so tired of sitting in the indecisive place. I sat down with my hot tea and my good friend who has already walked this season of life in a neighborhood coffee shop. I ranted for a good twenty minutes over not knowing what my next step was. I explained how scared I was to not know for certain what was going to happen. In front of my friend was her own soup and a plastic wrapped bag of saltine crackers. This woman is the kind of woman that when she speaks it is like poetry. I know each thing she says is weighted and strategically placed. I ask for her wisdom, and she picks up the saltine crackers and slides it over to me. The sound of the crinkle of the plastic in her fingers reminds me of the familiar. She looks up at me and says, “You know, I love saltine crackers. And if that was all I knew I could have to eat, I’d be so thankful. But sometimes God asks us to let go of the saltine crackers and turn around and see the gigantic feast He has instead for us.” My brain exploded.

This simple illustration has rocked my world the last seven weeks since we sat down and had this heart to heart. Everyday I feel there is something that I cling to that is no longer serving me or I am no longer serving it. What is your “saltine cracker?” It could be small things like your morning coffee with a fantastic sugary creamer in exchange for more energy and livelihood. Or it could be as big as a deeply spiritual letting go of the false self in exchange for a more authentic True Self.

My eyes have been open to this spiritual concept of letting go and surrendering over and over. Another friend of mine has shown me the power of exchange before Jesus. When we meet, she prays and offers to let go of something at the foot of the cross and EVERY TIME Jesus will exchange for something more. Again last night, another dear friend described how she sweetly prays for each of her children and lays down her worry and asks God for what He has for each of them so she can hold that treasure instead.

What is your saltine cracker? What are you needing to surrender? What is in the tight grip of your hands that God is asking you to release? Our hands can not hold something new if we cling to the old. I pray today you have just a smidgen of time: in the carpool lane, washing dishes, a driveway pause. And ask the Father, what do I need to surrender? And what is the exchange? I’d love to hear from you, my friend.

This is me.

Hi friends. I wanted to introduce myself since you found your way over to my blog. My name is Kristin Chadwick and you will find I live in the most gorgeous place- in the Colorado Rockies. I am a Holy Spirit instigator, Jesus lover, Papa God’s daughter, seeker of wisdom, a hopeful candidate to be a mystic one day, a wife to my man for almost fourteen years. I’ll preface the blog to say we’ve lived some life already at the ripe age of 38. We have four children whom are our hearts’ delight- 13 year old daughter, 11 year old son, and twin boys, who are 9.  

I am a lover of many things as you will see in this blog.  One of my loves is being a podcast producer…which came to fruition through my dear friends who saw a gift in me which I did not yet see in myself- the ingrained ability to find authors, guests, music, and whatever else that brings truth and freedom to the table.  I get to write outlines for shows and even cohost on some of them! You can check it out @rebelparenting on FB/IG/ and any other podcast app.

Another big passion of mine is writing. I started a blog back in the day- 2008, when I only had one sweet baby girl. As I started having more children, I quit writing online- despite my husband encouraging me to keep going.  After about six months of writing intentionally in my own personal journals, I decided it was time to create a blog to share with you.

One thing you should know, I am always on the hunt to step into more of who Jesus is, who God is, and who the Holy Spirit is. So I will ferociously go after this topic and I hope to bring you with me as I discover and invite you into the questions and *magical moments.

I am also in the middle of creating my first book about encountering God through meditation and imagination in our everyday lives. I love sharing what God has shown me over the past decade in my search for “there has to be something more than this.”

I just began teaching my very own class series on “Identity in Jesus, Mission Statements, and Goals.”  This has been foundational as I have stepped deeper into intimacy with Jesus and with my family and my friends. I am looking forward to where the Lord takes this whole class! A friend of mine called me a spiritual coach the other day and I may just let that stick.

What will you find on this blog? I believe in being real and empowering others to live the fullest life they can. You will hear a lot about Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Father. You will read a lot about what my kids teach me everyday. You will hear things about motherhood, marriage, life, friendships, boundaries, doing your own work, and lots more. If you know someone who would love to share in the love, please share! My hope is you find freedom in my words through the Spirit who connects each of us.