Awaiting the Feast

The Bird House

I wandered outside in the midst of needing some fresh air. My back porch offering solitude after a great solid week of focus on trying to “homeschool” our four kids.  It was a sunny and mild Saturday- an offering of sweetness after a few days of cold, snowy, rainy spring like Colorado type weather. The birds were chirping and singing about this new warmth coming in as the day awakened.  I stood out on my back deck overlooking our winterized yard and desperately wanted to bring back life. I decided with excitement to go get my beloved bird feeder my niece handmade for me and hang it back up on one of the trees in my yard.   I felt like a little kid at Christmas about to see how my brand new toy really works. I filled up the feeder in anticipation for the variety of birds to come and eat. The seeds were overflowing onto the ground below. I walked back to my chair on the porch. I was ready.  I sat down and waited.

I had a moment which I like to call a preacher moment. When I have these moments, it’s like I suddenly have to smile at the realization that the Father is teaching me something. Just as I sat in my chair with great expectation for the birds to come and feast and enjoy the spread I laid out for them, so does the Father lay out a feast for us to enjoy.  I love picturing Him laying out a beautiful table full of pleasures and delights and sitting back waiting for His bride to come and feast.

So, next time you sit and watch the birds come to your feeder, let it be a reminder to your heart that it is an invitation for you to come and in-JOY feast upon the kindness of God. 

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  1. Yes, I love that analogy. I can just see the Father with a smile on His face waiting for us to come and dine. He has expectation for us and we, in His image, have expectation for Him.

    Now I need a bird feeder….

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