Connecting to Our Teens

Longing for Real Connection

Tonight we finish our three week course “Loved and Loveable”…I say “we” because this class opened my eyes and challenged me more than anything else I have done in the last year. I sat with seven to eight teens and was able to observe the upcoming beautiful generation. They are brave, honest, bold, kind, in tune with the Spirit, and so longing for genuine connection with Jesus.

Each week I observed and was ignited by their gigantic faith. I observed how they feel the weight of the world just as we do. I observed the cry of their hearts longing to be seen, known, and a part of something bigger than themselves. They embraced one another. They put down their phones and picked up the wonder of encountering Jesus in an imaginative, real way. 

In their sharing, they bravely expressed their want for a tangible way to connect with Jesus. They longed for more than a “checked box” faith. They longed to know I didn’t have all my ducks in a row- even as their leader. They met me and didn’t even flinch when I walked into the first night saying, “Guess what? I prayed for a structured class yet the Lord said to my heart, “No outlines…just listen to the Spirit lead you.” Following the hearts of these girls brought so much joy and hope to each other and to my own soul.

This is only the beginning of watching these young women bloom. Sure, they may have their own paths to plow as they shimmy and glide through junior high, high school and college. My heart’s cry for each one is to remember the touch of Jesus in their lives, stand in who they were created to be, and know they are warriors. 

I will wear this bracelet to remember how God touched each one in this quick three week time. Each color represents each of the special young women. I am thankful.

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