The Words We Speak Over Our Children Matter

The Epiphany

I remember about 7 years ago going on a walk with another mama friend around Garden of the Gods when I felt the gentle correction from Holy Spirit. I was talking about my little one at the time who loved to come and tackle things and tear down things. I playfully called him “The Destroyer” or “The Hulk.” As I was explaining my latest mom moments to this friend, I became acutely aware of what I was saying. Though my little guy was little, his ears heard every word I said. I discovered in that moment, my words held weight. What I speak about my children is paramount.

The Father Speaks Over Us

My words bring Life or it brings death to our children’s hearts. What we speak over them is the heartbeat of who they are. No matter how old we are, we have an innate longing for approval, affirmation, and sense of belonging from our parents. We have a Father in Heaven who speaks over us what is True. Jesus prays non-stop on our behalf- reminding us who we really are. He speaks to us in our hearts who we are as we seek who He is. The more we spend time with Our Kind Heavenly Father, the more our internal voice becomes kind.

We Can Ask Their Creator Who They Are

So, what do you see in your children which needs to be called out in them? We have the unique God-given opportunity to speak into our children. Ask the Father what He sees are gifts in your kids. If you see your child struggle with strong willed determination, call out their boldness. If they show compassion to a homeless person on the corner, call out their love for the people who Jesus would sit and have a conversation. Be a Holy Spirit Investigator for your kids and discover the way God has created them uniquely and SPEAK it out!

For more about this topic head to Wholistic Hearts Podcast for episode 14 where my husband and I share our hearts about this subject.

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