Uncovering Lies By Speaking Life

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The Lie Crept In

I was eight years old or so. My barbie dreamhouse next to me, untouched and lonely and aching for my tomboy self to play with it.  I focused on the cassette radio in front of me instead and played radio station DJ.  I would write out the songs playing on the radio, record the songs, and press record to do my own commentary from my well-lived eight year old life.  I loved saying with my raspy cute little voice, “This is KFM ROX, today’s top favorites coming to your ears.”  I was in it.  I loved every bit of it. But somewhere in those pretend moments of my Radio Station playing, I was told my voice was annoying.

I don’t remember if it was said by a friend or if it was just my self-judgements that became louder and louder. But I know somewhere along the way, I believed that lie.  It was a place I shut down.  I did continue to record funny home videos and be wild and goofy as a preteen, but I held onto that belief that my voice was obnoxious. The lie subconsciously and unconsciously has controlled a lot of my life. I avoided public speaking like the plague. I would rather be in the background instead of in the front.  

Uncovering a Simple Lie I Believed

One day a couple years ago, my dearest friend and fellow co-host with Rebel Parenting, Laura called me up after listening to a quick recording I did for a new segment we were going to share called Encounters.  She said, “Kristin, your voice is so healing. You have such a peaceful and calm voice.”  Those words revealed a lie in my heart I had believed for many years.  Through the encouragement of a friend, she inspired me to record many more Encounters and eventually start my own podcast, Wholistic Hearts.  

Call Out the Gold in One Another

Do you have people in your life you need to encourage? Do you know of a lie you have been sitting on and need to revamp your thinking? I urge you to say the affirmation to your friend.  Or maybe you are a leader in a business or a family, your words can change the trajectory of your life.  Be brave, my friend,  and speak out the beautiful things you see.  You never know who you will influence and how it could change their story.  

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