Whew! I can EAT!

I made it! Made it through the two weeks of starvation…ha, not really. But it was a bit of torture. I think I have a lot of patience. And I have been pretty laid back with my food restrictions so far in life until these last two weeks. I knew it was for the better, but it stretched me mentally. I think the going into hypoglycemic shock did me in. Not to mention the added stress of life's hard balls thrown in the mix. However, I made it. And an added bonus, I figured out a new favorite meal…chicken curry! Oh. My. On top of that, I have a new favorite salad (my old fav was made with thousand island)…olive oil with salt and pepper and lots of veggie goodness. This is a favorite lunch time meal now. I used to be a sandwich girl. And my all time new favorite veggie- SQUASH! Oh dang it is so good sauteed up in the skillet with a little olive oil. So all in all, I pray my tummy has healed in the process. I am weirdly excited to get my final blood draw to see what my chemistry looks like after six months of supplements, dietary fixes, and a whole shift in thinking has done for my body. And now…I am thankful that I am finished with my diet, and I am going to drink some black tea with agave and have some peanut butter with a banana (all of which was FORBIDDEN). Then I am going to eat a seriously yummy Thanksgiving meal in a few days and relish every flavor.

Day #5 Killa’

I am on Day #5 with my grand finale detox to help repair my gut. I have felt this way before about a year ago. Miserable, can't sleep, itching all over. Yes, I have the stupid rash that keeps returning. The blisters in between my toes and heels. The rash makes me feel a little crazy. But I just have to keep thinking it is the toxins releasing themselves, trying to get out of my body. But wow, this just sucks. The first few days I felt fine almost great! And energetic. Today I feel woozy, jittery, adrenal rushed, out of body…strange. All I know is this better work.