Embracing the Moment

I am currently sitting in my quiet home office listening to the rain/snow hit my window. It’s very still in my home, very peaceful.  But there is an atmosphere of change occurring because of the threat of this COVID 19 virus. So many emotions enter where I feel a bit frozen in my fingertips to write, yet I don’t want to lose capturing this moment.   We received word last night that our children will be home for the next two weeks or so, to help stop the spread of the virus. This includes sports activities, as well. As much as it is disappointing, I can’t help but feel a soft anticipation for the enveloping peace which will hover over our family.  It is a gift to slow down, be present, and be grateful for what we have. This is an amazing opportunity to show love for our neighbors, to stand in what we believe offering hope and joy. There is beauty even in disruption. We have a God who is not shocked, nor thrown off His rocker by this. He is ever so kind. He works everything out for the good of those who love Him.  I choose to embrace this moment to love well and intentionally. I pray for the ones who stand on the front lines- nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters, etc. a special protection over their bodies. I believe we will see a rise in the hearts of people around us. Communities will join forces. We will collectively see hope as we lay down our agendas. Sure, our home will be chaotic at times and loud and wrestling matches will burst out in the middle of the kitchen floor, but we will choose to see this as a time of coming together.  I cannot wait to see how Goodness will chase us down. 

Let my heart be tipped upward and not tempted by fear. Let my mind be renewed by hope and wisdom and understanding. Let my hands carry healing. Let my arms open wider to embrace my children, my husband and those around us.  Let my words be Life and not bring death. Let my mouth utter gratitude and joy. Let my house be that of peace and a refuge. Let us be ever mindful of the needs of others.  

Prayer- Borrowing Words

I am fascinated by prayer, spiritual direction, meditation…all the faith building things. However, there are times when I honestly don’t know what to pray. My heart is heavy or maybe even numb. And I may even tell myself- well, God already knows anyway…but sometimes I just need help. So I borrow. I love prayers that are timeless. I love prayers written by mystics, or I even love diving into my Grammy’s old “Common Book of Prayer” from time to time. The last few days I have felt…quiet. And so I picked up a prayer I wrote based off of Graham Cooke’s teaching. PS…He is lovely and displays the love of the Father so beautifully. (And his accent is a bonus!) I wrote out this prayer about a month ago and have been reading it out loud when I can’t seem to find the right words lately. I thought I would share with you.

What are your go to prayers when you want direction? Leave a comment below.


The low notes bellow beneath my soul Resonating within me I hear the clarity in the depth The grudge The almost painful notes The high notes hit me in the right places They float above the rest Flying oblivious to the tones below Intense They lift me but not without the low Together they make the harmony Not alone They need each other They are braided together as a perfect match To produce a theatrical sound The sweetness Perfection in the mix of both the praise and the prayer. Thank you Lord that You give me eyes to see both.