Identity- Who Are You?

Discovering Who You Are in the Midst of Diapers and Naps

Discovering Who You are in the Midst of Motherhood

I felt this deep pit in my stomach as a young mama of four kids. The laundry was piled on the floor; the dishes were piling up. The never ending amount of diapers to change. My to-do list and life’s mundane offerings seemed to be always in charge of my trajectory of the day.

I would be frustrated because I wouldn’t be able to get what I needed to finished because I was a young mama. I would here people around me say, “Ahhhh just let it go! They are only young for so long!” There went my guilt meter and the cloud of shame for not making it as a stellar mom.

It was a paradox…I was overwhelmed and felt guilty about not spending time with my kids because I HAD TO CLEAN or on the flip, I felt guilty because I hadn’t even sat on the floor with any of my young children because I was cleaning.

There was zero time for me to just sit and be present. So many external things pressed and controlled my energy because…I let it. What if I told you that when I started to feel grounded is when I began asking the question- “Who am I?” And, “Who are you, God?”

Have you ever stopped and asked the question, “Who am I?” I’d love to come alongside you, Dear Lil’ Mama, and take a journey to discover who God has created you to be. To find out more, check out my individualized coaching program.

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