From Drowning to Living in Freedom

Water Drowning

From Drowning to Living in Freedom

Water Drowning

I woke up each morning feeling like I was treading water.  I felt like I was drowning. My life felt completely overwhelming.  My four kids all needed me beyond what I was able to do in my own strength.  I felt disconnected from my hard working husband.  I felt alone in my anxiety and the loss of who I was.  My stomach was in a constant state of knots.

Motherhood was just a tool God used to reveal what was bubbling underneath the surface- a pure misunderstanding of who I was in the eyes of Jesus.  I mean, I knew I was His Daughter…I knew because all my Bible Studies had told me “We are all God’s children.” But I was disconnected from seeing myself the way my Creator saw me- Kristin Fields Chadwick.

One day after an extremely long season of desperation for help, someone shared with me the importance of knowing my God given identity.  An identity which was specifically mine to investigate and ask my Father God personally WHO I WAS. 

I began to ask Jesus who I was. I began seeking God more and more each day with a fervent hunger.  Even though life was still very full and chaotic at times, peace began to shift the atmosphere in our home.  I began to grab the Life Saver and rest upon the safety it brought. I began to see my Jesus knew me, loved me, and had hope for me in the messiest of places. He was not separate from my disorganized motherhood style but was actually inviting me to discover God amidst it.  He was beckoning me to discover my unique purposes even in the very season I thought was unrealistic.   

Do you KNOW how God sees you?  I’ll give you a hint: it’s based on pure love.  AND I’ll give you another hint: you are uniquely you. 

Want to learn how to discover your Kingdom Identity?  Want to begin to walk in the purposes God has laid out for you in 2021? 

Want to create goals based on WHO you are instead of just doing what seems like a good idea? 

Join me in January 2021 to discover your Heavenly Commission.  You will walk away from this course GROUNDED in WHO you are, CONNECTED to your Creator, CONFIDENT in your mission, and PREPARED and EQUIPPED to accomplish the goals you have created for 2021.  

Want to hear more? Contact me for a free consultation phone call.

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