Facebook Status and Silence Revelations

When Facebook asks us in its very caring way…”What's on your mind?” I usually have three or four options…
1. answer honestly in a matter of fact way.
2. answer in my most christian tone and positive way.
3. answer in a debbie downer way.
4. answer in a vague way.

As you can see there are plenty of options to let the world in on one of your many thoughts throughout the day. The last few months have been so intense that the status liners have been all I could muster up in writing. So for today this is what I wrote:

Can I just press pause on parenting and figure this out and get my (&:@ together…then I think I would rock this mom thing….

I know, I know. What's a Christian gal cursing in different symbols doing? Well, somedays…some moments…it's this thought that rolls through my head. This past spring, my past pretty much decided to rear it's ugly head from it's hidden agenda and smack it's lovely self right into my viewpoint. Ever since, I have been on a journey of realization…There is so much in that one sentence that it is impossible to go into everything, nor do I want the whole world to know. But I did want to share this…I think God knows when we are able to handle the ugliness of our past. I think He knows that we need the stillness to feel. We need the quiet to hear our own soul. And so this season as all my kids are at school from preschool on up to 2nd grade. That allows for– time for me. Which is A LOT harder than you think. I am in a habit of go-go-go and do-do-do and multi-task and run errands here and there. (As many people are)…So, to stop and to breathe and to listen to what my mind is saying and to rest…is new. It has been almost four weeks since school started for the tiddlywinks, and I have had three whole mornings  in those four weeks where I have intentionally set aside to be still. Though my journey has just begun in this self-discovery and God-healing, I am excited for it to continue. My Papa in heaven keeps whispering in my heart, “This is your season of restoration.” REST-oration. First part being REST. Whether that means sleeping, sitting still, or even resting my mind from so many years of condemnation…it is REST. Surrendering to the process. 

In perfect timing, this summer at one of my favorite retreats, Toth Ministries, I picked up a book called “Invitation to Solitude and Silence,” by Ruth Haley Barton. I have never underlined and post-it'd a book as much as this one. Wow. One of the many things I underlined was this beautiful quote:

When we stop the music of our life to enter into solitude, we sit down right where we are at that moment , and that's where we meet God. We meet God in our present delight or our present sadness. We meet God in the tears of our life and the laughter of our life. We meet God in our most unnerving questions and in the answers we are celebrating. no matter where we are on any given day, when the music stops and everything gets quiet, we sit down right where we are and allow ourselves to be there with him.  HOW DESPERATELY OUR SOULS NEED REGULAR MOMENTS LIKE THAT, MOMENTS WHEN WE REST IN GOD AND ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE WITH GOD WITH WHAT IS MOST TRUE ABOUT US. 

I am learning a lot about what is most true about me…and learning a lot has been lies and learning how to decipher what is THE TRUTH versus what is seems to be true. So onto this season of restoration and I hope you join along with me, too.  Rest. This world needs rest. And that means you. 

A Chance to Love

The Little Twinkies, Big Bro, and I started something new and fun and hopefully life changing for my kids…serving at Josh's school. Every Friday the students get a homemade breakfast. I think this is great, as it shows just an extra step in love. What says love to a teenager other than some yummy food? The school has many amazing volunteers that come and help tutor during the week or help with administrative work or serve breakfast on Fridays. What better way to step into what my husband's ministry than to bring our kids and myself to make and serve breakfast? We had so much fun doing it together and the boys, though they are only 3 years and 4 years old, really learned to give to others first. It was the first of many experiences for them to serve someone other than themselves. This is something that I HOPE with all my heart that we are here on this earth to love others because He first loved us.

Here are the boys helping to make punch with another sweet volunteer.

The Boys all stirring up the juice with Mrs. Kristin (Co-Founder of Pikes Peak Academy)
A morning of making pancakes, bacon, and eggs (Trucker Special) and Monster Trucks flying down the school hallways, wet dish clothes in the mouth, the boys mingling with volunteers, and meeting hungry sweet teenagers by saying, “One pancake or two,”  and the boys first Tater Tot experience–which later was not so good for Sawyer. What a fun time…almost three hours there and it flew by. Can't wait to go back! I love that I finally “got it” and decided to dive in with my husband in his ministry. It truly is a family mission now. 
Update on Rice Pillows and Lotion Bars: I am working away when I have spare time to get these finished for all of you that responded. I really am amazed at the response. I am hoping to get these all out by mid-February. Don't forget to donate at www.pikespeakacademy.net/donate and put “Josh Chadwick” in the memo line. I am also opening up an etsy store for future orders. Store Name: SewWeHaveFourKids…it will have my pillows, lotion bars, Josh's handmade leather bracelets, his furniture, etc. 

Multitasking Away

Life is never dull around here. And I love the fact that God is tremendously

blessing us with so many orders! Keep them coming! I am making a batch of the lotion bars today so hopefully by the end of the week I will be ready to hand deliver and ship some off! I had to take a picture of my serious multitasking…which can only be done by a dosing of essential oils to put a pep in my step, an extra cup of coffee, and quiet time for the littles. Dinner in the crock pot and lotion bars in the making! This batch of lotion bars is made with nutiva coconut oil, HansiOrganics.com Beeswax, unrefined yellow Shea butter from Ghana and a touch of DoTerra lavender. 

Raising Our Support…

Raising our support, one rice pillow at a time.

Thanks so much to the many people who have already asked to buy a rice pillow and lotion bars!

My husband and I both struggle in this whole asking for support for his ministry. The other night we were talking about how we need to do something to get our ministry funding going. We are extremely thankful for those that have already donated and support us through prayer each month.  I am not one to send out a monthly letter in the mail. However, I suddenly had an amazing idea from my right hand dude, the Holy Spirit…in a gentle and peaceful way…”sell your new rice pillows and lotion bars for his ministry.” Instead of drudgery, I feel excited! I am so passionate about healthy stuff and supporting others in this area, too. What a way to bless others and especially my husband as he does this amazing work to spread the love of Jesus to these amazing teenagers.

I love the fact that my kids love making the pillows with me. I, however, try not to lose patience as little fingers go this way and that as the sewing machine runs. But I adore that they are involved. They love picking the colors together and pouring the rice in each bag. What a cool experience! Thank you guys!!!

Here is a link to his school…

And if you feel led to donate or if you would like to buy a rice pillow or a delightful shea butter lotion bar, please email me at kfchadwick@comcast.net and let me know how many of each you would like and leave me your address.  You can then click the link to donate below and donate what you feel led. Please do the minimum of $10/pillow and $8/bar plus shipping if you are out of town.
Humbly, I am putting the need out there just in case anyone feels led (I encourage you to pray first…) but we are need of 10 donors to commit monthly at $100/month. Here is the link to donate for the pillows/bars or if you want to be apart of our team in supporting us. And be sure to type in Josh Chadwick for the person to sponsor. We thank you ahead of time!

Also…this summer my husband will have off.  He is super crafty and handy and an amazing craftsmen. In fact, he built our master bed for us for our wedding gift. It is gorgeous. He has built coffee tables, dining room tables, desks, wall art…So if you need any furniture built, let us know! He would love to make you something! Here are some examples of his masterful work:

Again we are so blessed to put this out there and for all the people who have already responded. I am just blown away and excited to see what God does. Thank you all. 

What Can You Do With Oils?

I am a few days into my essential oils experience with DoTerra and I have to say I think I am already obsessed. And so are my kids. They came to me asking for more oils. I think that is a good sign!

Update about my friends on my lips: I am still fighting my horrendous fever blisters but I haven't been as diligent with  the oils as I was on the first/second day. Also I have had lots of sugar/coffee, too, which doesn't help my body fight off inflammation/infections. I do have to say though that a few days ago I noticed my lymph nodes under my chin were gigantic like I had swallowed a marble. I have been obsessive with the OnGuard blend oil that helps fight off everything and today that lymph node is not swollen at all! Amazing!

I love trying new things lately that have to do with homemade. I do not know where this “Suzy Homemaker” emerged from, but I will take it. I have made six rice pillows to put the oils on at night for my kids and for one other special person in my life. These are super easy to make. And such a sweet comfort when going to sleep to have a warm pillow that smells yummy. I have put the vetiver oil on Ryker's, and on the boys, lavender.  Here is Copeland's rice pillow I just finished this morning. I made it out of an old dish towel that I loved the pattern, but it was getting shape warped.

Another thing I have tried is making a lotion bar. My favorite website for all around healthy family living is http://www.wellnessmama.com. She is turbo amazing. Don't know how she does all that she does, but I applaud her. Anyway, she has a recipe for a lotion bar that I tried and I put a grapefruit oil in it. Super easy. Super awesome. Super convenient. Super silky. Super fun gift! You can check her's out at http://wellnessmama.com/4770/how-to-make-lotion-bars/

Another thing I tried is putting the Lemon oil in food. Last night I was cookin' up some yummy tilapia and needed some lemon. And DING! I have lemon oil safe for consumption…so I put a couple drops in the baking dish. It was super yummo!

Ok that is it for today! Happy Wednesday Yall!

DoTerra, Can You Handle This?

Have you ever loved something so much you wanted to just…to just…??? I don't know. But I DO KNOW that the OnGuard oils from DoTerra is something smelly good. I have been fighting some awful fever blister the past few days. You know, the kind that makes you feel super self-conscious and make you a hermit until it's over. I hate them. HATE them. I practically have an anxiety attack when I feel one approaching. So, on the DoTerra website http://www.everythingessential.me/HealthConcerns/HerpesSimplex.html#page=page-1, I was encouraged to read about all these people who have had help in this area of fever blisters. So, I have taken my melaleuca from my melaleuca company stuff and OnGuard from DoTerra and have diligently applied it on my lips. It is actually starting to dry up. It by no means is gone but usually at the second day mark of a fever blister my lips are full of a watery blister (NASTY!!!!) So, I am encouraged with that. Also, fever blisters are a sign of the immune system being in poor condition. I think that is why my body naturally is in love with the OnGuard oil. It has cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, wild orange in it…and it is magnificent. I have been diffusing it all day in my little diffuser in the kitchen.

On another note, I have made three rice pillows for my kids to put the special oils on their beds at night. Since vetiver oil was recommended for sleep, I thought it would be nice to have it on their little heated rice pillow. I muscle tested (I will explain this in another post someday) Sawyer and Emerson with the vetiver and it was not testing well. I have put it on their pillows anyway but they have been off the wall the last two nights at bedtime. They have played and played and have had a monster truck party in their room till 9 both nights. Not the norm for them. I muscle tested Ryker and he tested strong! And he has slept amazing! I have stopped giving him melatonin the last few nights and he has SLEPT through the night! I am impressed. And hopefully it is not a coincidence. I also thought that it was interesting that Ryker LOVES the smell of vetiver. And the lil' Twin-kies yell, “EW!” Vetiver is pretty amazing. It is a plant that is used to ground soil that is eroding. It is used for ADHD and insomnia and lots of  turbo things like anti-viral…here is a sweet picture I got off of pinterest…
I am still loving my lemon water. It is in my glass water bottle right now. I mention “glass water bottle” because if you put the DoTerra lemon oil in plastic it will melt right through. Pretty amazing. 
Another health issue of mine is my monthly rash that I have had since I was preggo with my twins. Every month for a week I have gotten a rash on my feet that is incredibly itchy. Last night was one of those insomniac obsessively itchy nights. So, I am hoping that some oil or oil blend will help with that, too. I will keep you posted. I have put melaleuca, tei fu oil, and Pain-a-trate (from Melaleuca) on it and nothing seems to relieve the itch. To be continued with DoTerra…Got to make sure these other oils will work first. 
If any of you are interested further you can check out DoTerra's stuff on my website:

A New Year Means New Things

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love new years. I know some people say, “Well, everyday is a new day to start something.” But for me…it's a tangible time to reevaluate things. I love it. 

Two months ago, I received an invitation to a talk. A party to learn about essential oils. I have had multiple people encourage me to check out DoTerra Essential Oils knowing that I love me some natural remedies. Well, I went, thankfully with my sister in law. We sat through the talk and giggled about this and that. Frankly, I just enjoyed getting an afternoon with my sister-in-law learning about natural remedies. I had my guard up. I am TELLING YOU…I was OVER multi-level marketing companies. Here is my resume of stay at home businesses that have approached me over the last three years.

Juice Plus- (which I still use, and it holds the most third party confirmations and research in reputable medical magazines)
Amway- ummm….yea. No.
Pampered Chef- not my thing.
Party Lite- I don't even like candles. I have four little ones running around.
Scentsy- Loved the smell but then found out I don't want chemicals in my air.
Lifeway/Mila/Genesis Today- I love Mila as it makes poos really awesome and satisfying. ha.
Melaleuca- I love their cleaning products but was disappointed over the use of corn in many of their products, which Sawyer (one of the Twinlets) cannot tolerate around him.
Trivita- amazing supplements (referred by the dearest mentor) but can't afford them.
And now, DoTerra.

Maybe it was the “I am overwhelmed and not doing so great health-wise sign over my head.” Or maybe there is just a boom in at-home business. Or maybe there is a GRAND cry for health issues to be resolved like mine that are mysteries in the medical field. All of these companies have had many BIG promises of healing this or that. I have to say, I am almost always willing to try anything since most of my teenage years and college years I heard from most docs, “Well, Honey, we just can't figure it out.” I completely believe in the medical field for certain areas, but I also believe there is a whole world out there of solutions that we don't even bother looking at because they aren't endorsed by some bizillionare who gave a doctor a free trip to Cancun for the week.

So there I was a couple months ago, sitting listening to this sweet and beautiful woman talk on how this product, DoTerra, has changed her life. Her children's life. A list of my health issues was fully on my brain and no satisfactory healing has taken place in the past three years. I knew my experience with this or that product had been less than amazing. (And I also knew we just got slammed by the flu and then later after the party with a cold that has lasted all month in various people of my house and the stomach bug for two more of us after Christmas.) I kept thinking, “well what if this time is different?” Or…”I would love to try it but it seems so expensive!” Of course, my first thought was that I could just go try the oils from the health food store. So, that's what I did. I went and got two bottles of various blends. And started to diffuse them. I got a headache. ha. I thought this one was supposed to be uplifting and warm. But it kept giving me a headache instead. Maybe DoTerra's claim to be 100% all oils is true. I went through our bouts of sickness and on the very last day of the year, I ordered Doterra lemon oil. I received it three days ago. And let me tell you what I experienced: I opened it and instantly was so excited to smell it. It REALLY does smell like a lemon peel! I put a few drops in my water and wow. My life has changed. I love water. I have loved water. Anyone will tell you that I carry my water bottle around religiously like wearing underwear. It is apart of me. Two or three drops of this lemon oil just sent my experience of water love over the top. Now, I don't know if it has enhanced my mood as it claims but it sure has made me want to drink way more water! And it actually makes the sound of drinking coffee right away in the morning not so appetizing. Weird and shocking for me.

I wanted to journal through this experience. And to really get into whether this thing is legit or not. I have since ordered a few other oils: vetiver (a sleep aid for Ryker), OnGuard (a turbo blend of oils that are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial to strengthen the immune system) and DigestZen (to aid in digestion for my celiac stuff and Sawyer's intolerance to corn since we get sideswiped by that a lot). I will let you know what I find out.  


This question has hit me in my mind, heart, and soul lately…what is my agenda? I have lived so much of my life on a selfish level, it's just plain stinky. I can honestly look back at my personal training days and see where my agenda was how can I get more clients or how can I benefit from this new system. Not just in my professional world did I warp everything to come back to me, but I have opened my eyes to so many times I asked people how they were doing and it wasn't out of the real reason of wanting to know.  I know there were plenty of times of genuine concern, I am not that awful. But I am honest with myself, now. There were a lot of times I just needed something. My hidden agenda was ME. And don't even get me started on highschool days…geezle peezle.

The reason I think this question of “what is my agenda” has dominated my thoughts is I am really starting to study who Jesus was/is. I have been diving into the Book of Luke and reading and watching for what was so magnetically drawing to Him. How is it that one man could make so many people just up and leave the life they lived to follow him? And what was it that drew hundreds of thousands of sick people to him? His agenda. He had none but to LOVE. That's it. He didn't say you have to do this or that so I can love you. Or you need to change your lifestyle so you can walk with me. It was simply love. WHAT?! Love unconditional. No matter what you looked like or did.

Now here is where it is rocking me: where in my life, if I am a follower of Jesus, do I show this? PANG, into the depths of my soul. Who am I loving the way Jesus loved? Unconditionally. No fear. No holding back. In fact,  Jesus tells us to give to the beggar on the side of the road and NOT question where the money is going. In fact, he tells us to give the man the clothes off your back.  Well, that is just a little extreme, don't you think? No, not in Jesus' eyes. Agenda: NONE but L.O.V.E. Oh man, it is just so intense! How I long to have the agenda of just PURE LOVE. Make it so, Jesus. Make it so.

Seven Years

As I put together this little photo collection, I am getting choked up at how quickly it has gone. So many people in your life that LOVE you abundantly, my sweet Copey.  You have always been strong willed from the moment you could flip yourself over on the changing table to change your diaper. I love your wild heart, your wild hair, and your wild love for all those around you. You are my sunshine. So glad you are mine. 

It’s Been a Year…

It's been a year since I have asked for more. More of life, more of joy, more of Him. If He is who He says He is, there has to be more than this. Though I am still processing this year of searching and opening my eyes to a world that is far more crazy (in a good way) than I ever imagined, I feel it is time to write again. For so long, I would yearn to write something. It helps my soul to process. But not this past year. It was like my brain was in this hurricane of new epiphanies and knowledge, and I couldn't grasp any words to fully describe what I experienced. I am still on this incredible journey, and I am so thankful for the journey. Each day, I learn more. I learn more of who He is. Who I am. Chains are broken and strong walls of protection broken down in surrender to my Papa in Heaven's love.  If I could sum up what I have taken in the past year it would be…

1. He is closer than my very own breath. That means, instead of talking to myself throughout the day, I talk to him, like I would my best friend. It's amazing what kind words comes back in my head instead of shameful or hurtful words. 
2. Forgiveness in all people, including myself is HUGE and plays a huge role in our perspective and our health. 
3. Worshipping is my battle ground. It is there where I lay it down and let Him who has created all things battle it out for me. Wars have been won! I walk FROM victory, not TO victory. 
4. One morning in prayer, I heard as loud as if someone was talking to me in real life, “I am comfortable with the uncomfortable.” There is a whole blog in itself, but this has made me aware of how many times I have avoided uncomfortable situations in all areas of my life. I am a peace keeper. And my natural tendency is avoiding conflict. Ah, but that is not where we as Christ followers are called. We are LOVE in the darkness…the darkness! We are not called to light in the light! Still processing this one…
5. Our words matter. My choice is words plays a big role! Just a few weeks ago, I had such a tie to anxiety. If my morning started to get chaotic, I would immediately think..oh geez, my life stinks! This is so hard! But through prayer and breakthrough, my Papa in Heaven rewrites the tablet of my heart with “I am with you always.” “I am peace.” It is there that I return my thoughts. 
These are just a few things that I have learned and am still learning daily. I try not to compare myself to yesterday. It is a constant refining fire. But oh so sweet is the sound of His Grace. And don't get me wrong, it has been through many tears and discussions and talks with people young and old and some prayers met head on with the floor of my living room in desperation…
 Love to you Friends and Families…